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Fantasy Football Titans Sit/Start Week 1 versus the Steelers

The initial injury reports are out and fantasy options are being weighed. Which Titans should be fantasy studs and who could be fantasy duds against the Steelers? Your options after the jump.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports
Greeting fantasy fans! It's time to set your rosters and start your smack talk for your week 1 fantasy games! Let's take a look at fantasy options for the Tennessee Titans. Who should go and who should sit against the Pittsburgh Steelers? Let's take a look.

You could do worse: Jake Locker

If  you drafted Jake Locker as your starter you are likely a big homer or in a very deep league. The good news is that the Steelers defense didn't play all that well in the preseason allowing teams to both pass and run the ball on them. In limited action, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was 17 of 24 for 158 yards and 1 touchdown. He was only sacked 1 time and posted a 102.4 quarterback rating. His backup Chase Daniels put up similar numbers but was sacked 3 more times. Mike Tomlin has publicly expressed concern over Locker's mobility and ability to make plays on the edge. Having said that, if you have better options at quarterback you might want to roll with it until Locker shows better consistency.

Start: Chris Johnson

You definitely start CJ and not just because he is still a marque player despite some struggles in recent years. CJ showed he still has that breakaway speed and can make the big plays during the preseason. An improved offensive line and a return to the run game should mean CJ gets plenty of opportunities. The Titans are going to use him in the passing game as well so PPR leagues take note.

Second, the Steelers struggled against the run during the preseason with an RG3less Redskins offense putting up 146 yards (5.2 avg) and 1 touchdown against the Steelers defense.

You could do worse: Shonn Greene

If you took Greene as a  handcuff to Johnson or as a backup in a deep league you could do worse I guess. The Steelers did give up some running yards during the preseason and Greene could certainly vulture some touchdowns from CJ. Still, if you have other options your best bet is to go with someone who is likely to get the bulk of the carries.

You could do worse: Nate Washington

Washington doesn't get a lot of fantasy love but he did lead the Titans in receiving yards last year with 746 (16.2) average and tied Kendall Wright in touchdowns with 4. A better offense this year could mean his numbers increase as the Titans should move the ball better and score more often.

Start: Kenny Britt

The Steelers gave up 2 touchdowns to Ted Guinn Jr. of all people during the preseason. Both times he lined up at left wide receiver which is Britt's spot. The Steelers also gave up a touchdown pass to Junior Hemingway in the Chiefs game who was (wait for it) also lined up at left wide receiver. In fact, every single passing touchdown given up by the Steelers during the preseason was to the left or slot left (Victor Cruz) wide receiver.

Sit: Kendall Wright

At this point, I don't think Wright is a viable fantasy start. Fantasy drafters avoided Wright like the plague and for good reason. The knee injury combined with questions regarding his role in the offense make him a questionable fantasy choice until the logjam at wide receiver becomes a bit more clear.

Sit: Justin Hunter

The rookie has shown flashes but just isn't a good fantasy play and likely won't be this year.

Sit: Delanie Walker

While I think Walker may be a late sleeper pick this week just isn't a good week to start him. He is coming off his knee surgery and just recently started practicing. An iffy fantasy choice at best this week.

Sit: Craig Stevens

Stevens is primarily a blocking tight end though he does have some receiving skills. Not a good fantasy option.

Sit: Taylor Thompson

I like Taylor Thompson and he has definitely shown improvement from 2012 but Walker is expected to get the majority of the playing time and Thompson hasn't yet shown he is a good fantasy producer.

Start: Rob Bironas

If you drafted "My Bironas" as your kicker well you obviously must start him. Bironas has missed some kicks in the past year or two that he generally makes but he is still a reliable fantasy kicker at this point.

You could do worse: Tennessee Titans defense

The Titans defense was pretty terrible in 2012 but they did have a good game against the Steelers, sacking Ben Roesthlisberger once and generally getting good pressure. The Titans had 5 tackles for a loss in that game and Jason McCourty also intercepted a Roethlisberger pass. Surprisingly, the Titans run defense was good in that game as well. Still, Roethlisberger did throw for 363 yards and and 1 touchdown. The Titans are going to be far more aggressive this year and this defense could be a fantasy surprise in 2013.