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Titans vs Jets game balls: 3 MVPs

Who showed up most in Sunday's win over the Jets?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans simply dominated the Jets so you could make an argument for more than three players. In the end it came down to who I thought the Titans couldn't have won without.

Jake Locker QB

Things are/were finally starting to click with Locker and finally seems to have shaken off the "bust" status most in the media were trying to label him with. Locker has a hip injury now and looks to be out 4-6 weeks, so Titans fans are holding their breath hoping that he recovers quickly and that there are no long term effects. If that is true the Titans have a great shot at earning a playoff birth this year.

Jurrell Casey DT

I said pregame that I thought this game would respark some Casey/Atkins comparison and he didn't disappoint. He has incredible quickness for someone his side and he is one of the best run defenders in the game bar none. When Sammie Lee Hill comes back the Titans will have one of the best run stopping combos in the league, and that will be important when the Titans face Jacksonville, Houston and Indy.

Alterraun Verner CB

There was no way Verner would be left off of this list after the year he has had. Not only is Verner responsible for recovering five turnovers, he has erased WRs that oppose him. I just re-watched the game and I didn't see allow a catch all game. If Verner keeps this up the Titans may have to spend more on him than McCourty, and he would deserve every penny.

Honorable Mention: Nate Washington

One of the toughest and most reliable players in the league, Washington was a massive part of the Titans gameplan. In tough situations the Titans lean hard on Washington and more often than not he comes up in a big way. Whether that means a 77-yard TD reception, or just snagging a goal-line slant from two defenders for a TD; he has earned all the respect in the world from Titans fans.