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Titans 38 Jets 13: Ryan Fitzpatrick talks transition to "the guy"

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It can't be easy to be the back-up quarterback and have to come in after seeing the starter being carted off the field with a serious injury. That is exactly where Ryan Fitzpatrick found himself yesterday. He talked about it after the game.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick got paid over $3 million to come here and back-up Jake Locker. Now he will have the chance, at least for one week, to earn some of that money. Here is what he had to say about changing from the don't screw up attitude to being the starting quarterback (via Titans Online):

The ‘don’t screw it up’ mentality was for this game with the situation I came in, in terms of having the lead like we did and the way the defense was playing great and the turnovers. We’ll see where it goes from here in terms of Jake’s health and everything. If I end up being the guy next week then that’s no longer the mentality. The mentality is I got to go out…I was brought here for a reason. The reason I was brought here was to help Jake out and be ready for a situation like this if it came up....For me now, if he’s not in there then this is why they brought me here. No longer to tutor Jake and help him along but to help win football games for this team.

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