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Titans vs. Jets Quick Recap: Win Big! Lose Bigger?

Titans win 38-13, but how long will Jake be out?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Update: MCM Radio will go live at 9:00 CDT:

For the first time this season the Titans shot out of the gate like a rocket and never really looked back, but all of the celebration surrounding this game is tempered by concern over Jake Locker.

The Titans QB, who has quietly asserted himself as the first reliable franchise QB we've had since McNair, went down clutching his right hip in an ugly looking injury early in the 3rd quarter. The entire team, coaching staff and trainers surrounded Locker as he laid stiff on the field, and Locker was quickly carted off the field for further evaluation. While neither Wilkerson or Couples were flagged for the late hits, you can expect they'll get fines this week.

Outside of that terrifying play, this game was 100% Titans domination. Jake had 3 TD passes in the first half, and Justin Hunter snagged his second TD in as many games and as many catches. Alterraun Verner chimed in with two big interceptions and a fumble recovery, and Klug iced the game with a sack/strip/recovery/touchdown early in the 4th quarter. The entire defense gave Geno Smith nightmares all game long and never let the Jets get into the game. The entire front seven executed to perfection, and the secondary made sure nothing came easy. It's unbelievable how much better this defense is tackling this year compared to the past two seasons.

Also, Brett Kern continued his phenomenal punting in this game, consistently flipping the field and pinning the Jets deep in their own territory.

On the downside, the offensive line struggled, especially in the running game. Chris Johnson was bottled up consistently, and too often Rob Turner got dominated by Muhammad Wilkerson. Overall, Fitzpatrick was inconsistent in relief of Jake, but be were in run out the clock mode and he never had enough plays to get in rhythm. He did have one highlight play on the 77-yard bomb to Nate Washington, which killed the Jets defense and damned near killed the poor back judge. Fitzy is a back-up we can win with, but the running game has to be more effective than it was today.

This win should have had me jumping around like an idiot, but until we know more about Jake, it's hard to get too excited. Still, after an opening 4 games that looked like a murderer's row back in June, The Titans are a convincing 3-1 and have yet to turn the ball over on offense. That stat won't last all year, but our current +9 turnover ratio is the kind of stat division winners put up in the NFL.