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Titans vs Jets: Time for Warmack/Levitre to earn their money.

Aside from the Texans, is this the Titans biggest interior threat of the year?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee made it no secret that they wanted to get better on the offensive line. The Titans threw money at one of the best guards in football, and they drafted Chance Warmack with a first round pick. So is this where we finally see if the picks were worth it?

Muhammed Wilkerson is no slouch, in fact he is one of the premier 3-4 DEs in the league. That means his job will be to line up in between the guard and tackle and try to force double teams. The reason a team does this is so if the Titans use a guard/tackle double team then there should be a free rusher from the outside. If the Titans use a center/guard double team there should be pressure from the inside.

The way you stop this matchup issue is by having a guard good enough to single-block the 3-4 DE. There aren't many guards that can stop Wilkerson one-on-one, but there is no team better equipped to deal with him than the Tennessee Titans.

Andy Levitre has quietly been very good on the left side, and he and Roos have formed into a pass protection wall of sorts only allowing one sack between the two all year. On the flip side, the Andy Levitre and Michael Roos have become a model in the running game as well. According to PFF the Andy Levitre is the second best LG in the league as a run blocker, and Roos is sixth best LT.

That leaves David Stewart and Chance Warmack. Stewart has been the league's prime example of a punishing run blocker over his NFL career, and Chance Warmack already looks like the best run blocking guard the Titans have seen in a decade. One of the Titans favorite and most successful plays is a power play where Warmack pulls to the left side. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I know pre-Chargers they had run 10 times for 52 yards and I believe that that figure actually looks better now.

This is a big opportunity for the Titans guards to prove that they are worth all the resources that the Titans invested in them. If they have a big game here, the sky is the limit for the Titans offensive line.