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Titans vs Jets: Is this CJ's big day?

Why I think CJ could be ready for a big day.

Andy Lyons

The Titans should pass more in this game, but we all know what the Titans want to be: a run-first team.

In their last game against Buffalo's banged up offensive line the Jets allowed a long run of 58 yards that CJ would have easily taken to the house. I expect today's game to involve a lot of bootlegs and power-runs to attempt to wear out the defense. The Jets defense is aggressive, but they also get out of position and can be exploited if you have the right personnel.

The Titans best option in the running game today is to go hurry-up and to use Chris Johnson, Walker, Mooney, Hunter, and Washington in a 21-personnel look.

Hunter and Washington should command enough safety help to keep the Jets from loading up the box. Walker is an outstanding blocker, especially on the move and so is Mooney. Johnson showed last week that he is starting to understand that sometimes he needs to lower his head and get the tough yardage. The offensive line should be able to open up some holes, especially on the left side of the L.O.S if they pull Warmack and get away from Wilkerson.

If the Titans can find a mismatch they like and keep the offense in hurry-up then the Titans may be able to put up more points on the Jets than anyone else this season.