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Titans vs Jets: Which defenders should exploit the Jets?

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Which Titans defenders have the best matchups of the day?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have a new QB, but they are still the same ole Jets. So, if the Titans are trying to defend against a ground-and-pound offense, who is primed to have a big day.

Jurrell Casey vs Vlad Ducasse

Last week I said Titans fans may want to hold back on the Casey/Atkins comparisons, but this matchup might just ignite them again. Ducasse is the fifth-worst left guard in the NFL according to PFF, and he is the bottom of the barrel in terms of penalties. Casey on the other hand is just a hair behind Suh in the defensive tackle rankings and he ready for a big game.

If Casey gets going early vs the Jets this game could seem more like Pittsburgh than the Chargers by the second half.

Zach Brown vs Jeff Cumberland

This matchup didn't get any pre-game publicity, but it could be a big factor in this game. The Titans have done much better covering the TE than in the past, and Jeff Cumberland isn't exactly Antonio Gates. If the Titans use Zach Brown as a cover player I expect a one-catch game from Cumberland. If they use him as a blitzer and target Jeff Cumberland I expect a two sack game from Brown.

Michael Griffin vs Geno Smith

We all know this is what Michael Griffin is. Sure with better leadership in the defensive backfield he has preformed better, but this is when he shines. If Geno Smith (six INTs in three games) tries the long-ball Griffin will be there to pick it off. It won't be anything spectacular and in March we will all look at the stat sheet and say, "How did Michael Griffin end up with five INTs?" but this is exactly when he does it.

Look for a lot of mixed looks including one-safety looks to try to bait Geno Smith into the long throw today.