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Titans vs Jets: Should the Titans air it out?

Why the Jets might be short-handed against the pass this week.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans gameplan thus far has been to establish the run to open up the pass, but against the Jets defense they may want to rethink that strategy. Here are two big reasons why the Titans need to lean on Locker's arm this week.

1. Personnel mismatches.

The Jets have been better defending the run than the pass this year, and their first round CB Dee Milliner has been ruled out for the game. That means either Darrin Walls or Isaiah Trufant will be forced into action either as nickel backs or running backs. Neither one of those players is above 5'11" and with the Kenny Britt as a question mark, it is very possible that the Titans activate Michael Preston and Justin Hunter.

Consider that matchup, Washington and Wright will draw the attention of Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie leaving a height disadvantage of six inches or more for whoever has to cover Hunter or Preston.

That should force the linebackers or safeties to move out of the box to help the defensive backs. If the Titans can force that sort of coverage outside of the box, the Titans should be able to run the ball against a six-man defense.

2. The Jets defense is overhyped.

Here are some notes on the Jets defense.

-Before the Jets eight-sack game against an injury-stricken Buffalo line, the Jets would be averaging just two sacks per game.

-The Jets only have one interception all year and it was against Josh Freeman.

-New York is tied for third-worst in the league in turnover differential with a -6.

Overall the Jets defense doesn't have any elite playmakers, and with several of the players missing time during practice, they might not be at full-force. If the Titans use the right personnel and don't believe the hype, I think they are in for a double-digit win.