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Week 4: Predictions From The Contributors and smsigmachi

Week: Predictions From The Contributors

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 and we are 2-1. Amazing. I am trying not to get too excited about how well this team is playing. Another week last week of no one picking the exact score, but everyone got a W!

smsigmachi journeyed into his spam folder to find my email and he kicks us off this week:

smsigmachi (2-1)

Are we playing the Jets? Seriously, John Idzik has sucked the life out of the Jets. Gone is fat and sassy, swashbuckling, toe sucking, Rex Ryan. Now we get skinny, humble Rex Ryan. Gone is the comedic genius of butt fumbling, Mark Sanchez. The Jets are boring, to be honest. Game opens up with both teams trying to establish the run against two of the top defenses in the NFL. Neither team has much success, forcing both teams to go to their pass game. Jake Locker is up to the challenge with another 300 yards plus total offense day; Greg Williams and Jerry Gray let Casey, Morgan, Brown and Ayers eat, Geno throws a couple of picks with the Titans pulling away in the 3rd quarter. Jets get a garbage time touchdown

Titans 31 - Jets 7

Jommy (3-0)

Everyone is talking about this is the best Jets defense EVA. They have only played one good team, and that was on a rainy Thursday night. Even that good team, the Patriots, was missing their best offensive weapons. Jake Locker ain't scared.

Titans 24 - Jets 10

CanaDan (3-0)

At the start of the season I had this down as a win. I still do, but am definitely not as confident in the prediction as before. The Jets unfortunately have not fallen apart as many expected. Rex Ryan has their defense keeping them in games and Geno Smith...well he at least hasn't imploded either. The Titans are at home, and in my opinion have the better offense and defense. They need to establish that they are better and exert some force in this game.

Titans 27 - Jets 20

GG (3-0)

I am not near as confident about this game as I was about last weeks'. Rex Ryan is a turd and stole our Super Bowl, but his defenses are usually pretty good. HOWEVA, Geno Smith is no Philip Rivers. I think we'll have a hard time scoring, but they will have a harder time. I just know that it will be hard to replicate the feeling I had when #15 caught that pass.

Titans 16 - Jets 9

Gunnels (3-0)

The Jets come to town with an identical record as the Titans, and riding just as high on momentum. The Geno Smith led Jets remind me of the early Vince Young led Titans. An exaggerated mix of sloppy play with amazing ones thrown in to boot riding behind a dominate defense. Well the Titans defense isn't too shabby either, and I expect Gregg Williams and Jerry Gray to unleash insanity on the rookie QB. Locker plays game manager, CJ runs for over 120, and the defense scores to boot. Titans keep it rolling.

Titans 24 - Jets 13

SuperBicepsHorn (1-2)

This one will be ugly. I expect a low scoring affair complete with a game plan that's close to the vest. I'm concerned about Turner this game, but there are enough other advantages that his mismatch can be overcome. Titans win on the backs of the defense.

Titans 13 - Jets 9

(Is That Your Real Name) Xanpham (2-0)

The Titans are facing a tougher match-up than expected in a New Jersey outfit called the Jets (who's ever heard of them?). They have benefited from some solid defensive play that has catapulted them to two early-season wins. The key here will be turnovers and eliminating the big play for the Jets. Both teams will try to impose their will by running the ball, and both defenses will get after the QBs. At this point in their respective careers though, I think Locker makes fewer mistakes than Geno, and that will be the ultimate deciding factor in this one.

Titans 24 - Jets 16

DanoMITE (1-1)

Winner-winner chicken dinner! No 20 piece bucket for Sexy Rexy this week.

Titans 30 - Jets 20

Greenlawesome (1-1)

Titans and Jets face off in a battle of two stout defenses. This game is a pretty close match up in most phases, but the difference between Jake and Geno taking care of the ball is the difference maker. Geno throws 3 interceptions and the Titans take advantage moving on to 3-1 and staying atop the division. Casey, Brown and Morgan have really good games once more, sacking Geno multiple times.

Titans 34 - Jets 20

Furmaniel (1-1)

For once I feel really, really good about a game going into it. While this means we'll probably lose, I can't shake the feeling that we're finally going into a game that I feel really confident about. The Jets are not the pushovers that many had pegged them to be and are probably the best team in New Yokr, but they still aren't a great team this year. Geno Smith is a clear upgrade over Sanchez and the defensive side of the ball still has some talent. If we go a little deeper, there is a matchup that does not bode well for the Titans in Muhammad Wilkerson v. Rob Turner. Wilkerson is one of the league's best interior linemen, Turner has been exploited as the clear weak point in an otherwise steady offensive line. Jake might have to deal with a little bit of extra pressure up the middle in this game. I'm interested to see what he does after that marquee performance last week. As far as New York's offense goes, the defensive line has got to get to Geno. Rattle the rookie quarterback and let the run D do what it does. If Jerry Gray can dial up the pressure successfully I think we'll have ourselves a comfortable victory.

Titans 28 - Jets 17

Lomas (1-0)

The Jets have a very good defense, but the defense is due for a turnover. Santonio Holmes is always a big question mark at wide receiver, and the Titans have done well for the most part against speedy outside players. If the Titans can confuse Geno Smith early and consistently get pressure then I don't see how the Jets win this game. With Locker building confidence in the right people (Washington, Walker, Wright, and Hunter) I think the will be able to move the ball in both phases.

Titans 23 - Jets 10

That's urrbody pickin' the home team. Hope it works out that way.

You guys were expecting a blow out last week, so the community is (1-2). Of course, you guys are picking against a spread and we're not. But thems the rules.