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Titans news links: Stick with Kenny Britt?

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Here are some interesting stories about your Tennessee Titans from around the interwebz.

Wesley Hitt

-Paul Kuharsky talks about the reasons that the Titans should stick with Kenny Britt over Justin Hunter.  All of those reasons are good, in theory, but if Britt can't get out of the funk that he has been in, he will just keep hurting the team.

-Ruston Webster talked to the Midday 180 about the dynamic between Jerry Gray and Gregg Williams.  I don't care who has what role as long as the defense keeps playing like it has been.

-Jim Wyatt says that despite his hard-nosed reputation on the field, Bernard Pollard is actually just a big ol' teddy bear.

-Geno Smith likes to throw the ball deep says John Glenon.  Bring it on!

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