The Eye Test: NY Jets

Hello, and welcome to my first installment of "The Eye Test"!

This is where I will be taking a look at the previous game of our opponent, and taking notes of what I see. Essentially, I will be pretending to be a scout.

I will come into the game completely blind, not hearing or reading anything about the result. My only knowledge will come from what I've seen on highlight shows during other games and discussed second-hand.

I will be coming into this review of the game with an open mind, and the eye test will bring me to a conclusion about the game and this upcoming match-up.

That's really all the explanation that's required, so... Let's jump right into it!



- Geno Smith makes really great deep passes, especially when he's comfortable in the pocket.

- Geno Smith had a horrible underthrow just then. Sanchez/Tebow bad. It skipped a few yards in front of a WR that was about 10 yards away from him.

- And then he comes right back on 3rd and 13 and throws a solid 23-yard pass to Santonio Holmes.

- Geno Smith loves making his WR's work to catch those slant patterns.

- Geno Smith just underthrew a deep ball into double coverage and got picked off easily.

- Geno Smith has a Rapistburger-esque pump fake.

- Geno Smith still struggles a bit with accuracy on short-to-medium passes, even when he's in a rhythm.

- 3rd and 6, and Geno Smith didn't properly communicate with Nick Mangold, resulting in a blown snap. 4th and 27.

- Now they're showing Sanchez and the buttfumble. Apparently to get people's minds off Geno Smith's blown snap.

- Geno Smith stared down the slant route and gave the Bills linebacker a very easy interception. That linebacker knew where the pass was going from the snap.

- Geno Smith is deadly with time in the pocket.

Note summary:

Geno Smith is much more accurate when given time, especially on deep throws. He's also good at moving in the pocket to avoid pressure, but loses his footwork and makes really bad passes afterwards. That means getting pressure on him should throw him off. He's very inconsistent and makes rookie mistakes that you would expect.

We shouldn't have to worry about his legs too much, because the Jets seem to want to force him to be a pocket passer.


- The Jets like doing a lot of pre-snap motion.

- The Jets offense doesn't scare me. Their offensive line's run blocking is poor, and their pass blocking is mediocre.

- The Jets offense is very, very predictable.

- Third and 1, up by 8 in the early fourth quarter, and they tried a rollout to the short side of the field. Throw-away.

- Great protection by the line on a delayed blitz. Great deep pass by Geno Smith. Great one-handed grab by Holmes. Touchdown to go up 7 with 9:23 to go in the game. That's a play where everything went right.

Note summary:

I was under the impression the Jets were going places before watching this. Now I realize that they're only 2-1 because they faced the Bucs and the Bills. This offense is going to make them have a losing record at the end of this season.


- Jeremy Kerley is a decent wide receiver, and seems to be Geno Smith's safety blanket.

- Santonio Holmes looks like a pretty good wide receiver right now. Great catch on a double move.

- Stephen Hill isn't half bad either.

- Deep strike to Holmes, but Holmes dropped it.

- Jeremy Kerley is still impressive and makes a great effort on a tough sideline catch.

- Holmes with a great adjustment on a deep pass by Geno Smith. The announcer just repeated me. I could do his job!

Note summary:

Jeremy Kerley is Geno Smith's most consistent target. Santonio Holmes isn't as good as the media has hyped him up to be. He makes great catches where he adjusts to the ball incredibly well, but he still has inconsistent hands. Stephen Hill also had a few good catches, but was quiet for the most part.


- Chris Ivory used to be good when he played with Drew Brees.

- Bilal Powell likes to hesitate sometimes. Hopefully Zach Brown makes him pay for it on Sunday.

- The Jets run blocking looks so bad.

- The Jets love the HB draw.

- They've run the same exact play from the wildcat in each of their four wildcat attempts.

- If we can stop this Jets' running game, we can stop the Jets offense.

- The Jets' run blocking has almost no push off the snap.

- I am confident that we'll be able to stop Powell.

Note summary:

This Jets running game is pathetic, yet they are tied for 7th in the league in total rushing yards. With whom, you may wonder? With the Titans. Honestly this surprises me. They looked horrible against the Bills, and the only good runs came when the defense made a mistake. We should be able to contain them.


- Note: Don't run the draw against the Jets. Their linebackers are too good at cap control.

- The Jets front four is really fast off the line, but aren't very disciplined with their tackling.

- Levitre and Warmack better be ready for Sheldon Richardson. His bull-rush is scary powerful.

- Jets coverage was good on the first defensive series. Bills WR's couldn't get open at all.

- That Jets defense is really good at penetration, and poor at tackling once they get it.

- Pathetic effort by the Jets defenders on a read option play by E.J. for 8 yards.

- 59-yard run by Fred Jackson. The Jets' complete lack of defensive discipline on that one reminded me of CJ's long run against them in the MNF game last year.

- Suddenly, the Jets are missing a lot of second-level tackles.

- Great run defense along the line and a near-forced-fumble by the Jets.

- Jets would have been burned for a touchdown due to a blown coverage just then, but EJ Manuel didn't even see it and instead throw an inaccurate bomb to his outside receiver. Turned into just 3 points for the Bills.

- The Jets defense is still looking very shaky.

- Manuel had all day to throw on 3rd and goal but couldn't find anyone. Great zone coverage by the Jets.

- The Jets do not have much of a pass rush so far.

- The Jets just blew another coverage, and this time EJ Manuel would have had to be blind not to see it. Huge play for the Bills.

- The Jets defense is looking great coming out of half-time. Their defensive adjustments must have been good.

- Sheldon Richardson is a beast.

- Wilkerson just ate the right guard of the Bills alive for a sack.

- Stevie Johnson just got Bernard Pollard'd by a Jets player on 2nd down.

- There's been a lot of DPI on the Jets secondary today.

- The Jets secondary is not even being tested here.

- Jets linebacker Davis did a good job tipping a pass.

- Jets defense just earned a coverage sack there, though EJ Manuel really should have thrown it away instead of holding the ball so long.

- Second coverage sack in a row.

- Jets defense just completely blew a coverage to the Bills' TE, giving up a long touchdown in what was previously an 8-point game.

- They gave up an open catch to Stevie Johnson on the 2-point conversion.

- The Jets would have had serious pass interference if EJ Manuel hadn't overthrown the pass by a good 15 yards.

- Great coverage by the Jets again, forcing Manuel to slide for no gain.

- The Jets just murdered the Bills' offensive line on a deep pass, causing Manuel to just recklessly throw it up along the sideline. Almost intercepted.

Note summary:

Like you might expect from a Rex Ryan team, the Jets' strength this year is their defense. If they become more disciplined, then their defense will shine.

However, that's exactly the problem with them. Their front four and their secondary are totally undisciplined. The only grouping that really shows any consistency are their linebackers. Their front four get penetration but don't finish the play often enough. Their cornerbacks panic and badly interfere with the receiver on routes where they actually have good coverage, and blow coverages and take bad angles along with the safeties.

Here is one thing I didn't expect to be saying at this point. Their defense is ranked #7 against the pass, #6 against the run, and #3 in overall defense. And I cannot wait until our offense faces them. That is how poor they actually look on the field.


- Either Bilal Powell just turned into Barry Sanders or the Bills aren't very good at tackling.

- The Bills are getting great pass rush off the edge. Part of that is Mario Williams, part of it is the line protection failing.

- Horrible off-sides on the Bills just then on 3rd and long.

- Another Bills player just had a horrible off-sides penalty.

- The Bills like to play Fisherball, apparently. And they don't even do it that well.

- I'm starting to believe that the Jets' good runs are mostly due to the Bills defense being poor.

- The Bills love missing tackles on ball-carriers. These Jets running-backs aren't even being elusive.

- The Bills keep on running routes short of the marker. They just ran a 2-yard route on 3rd and a long 3 which fell incomplete.

- The Bills tackling is still terrible, giving Powell a 20+ yard run.

- The Bills had EJ Manuel's primary read be a 4-yard out route to Stevie Johnson on 3rd and 9. His other options? 4-yard out route to the TE going the same direction as Stevie was, or two deep routes along the sideline. So he could either throw it too short for the yard marker, or try to throw a deep bomb along the sideline. Horrible playcall, especially with a rookie QB.

- Another HB Draw to nowhere for the Bills.

- The Bills run defense is making Bilal Powell look like a Pro Bowl runningback right now.

- On the Jets 13-yard line, the Bills ran the exact same run play twice in a row.

- EJ Manuel does not do well against the blitz.

- Defensive pass interference on the Bills on a complete overthrow by Geno Smith.

- Great deep throw by Manuel, followed by a horribly inaccurate throw short that missed his wide receiver about 5 yards to the left.

Note summary:

As you can tell, the Bills are a really bad team. Their running game struggled horribly and EJ Manuel actually managed to look worse than Geno Smith did. Their run defense is poor and their secondary is weak. I wish we could face them this year too. It would be an easy win, as long as we didn't completely lay an egg.


- Both of these offenses look bad so far.

- Both of these teams have some sort of obsession with running the HB draw right into the waiting arms of defenders.

- Neither of these teams seem to know how to cover a receiver without committing a penalty.

Note summary:

Not much to summarize here. Both of these teams looked almost Jaguars-bad, and yet, regardless of the result, the winner of that game would have been 2-1. Wow. The NFL.


- I haven't seen Geno Smith take a snap outside of the shotgun yet.

- I still have not seen Geno Smith take a snap from under center.

- My brain is about to overdose on shotgun snaps. This game should be named "Battle of QB's who suck under center".

- Both of these quarterbacks are very inconsistent. With the 'inaccurate' label Jake Locker has, if he was missing throws this badly, people would be all over him.

- Sanchez's headband. Ugh. Stop making me look at it, CBS.

- Jets get a field goal off the penalty with 5 seconds left in the half. If we're going by that great stat "POAS", then the Jets would have 7 points instead of 17.

- Bills fans must have hated the way CBS covered this game. Lots of unwarranted Jets love.

- We joke about our upcoming game being the most penalized game in NFL history, but so far, both of these teams are committing so many penalties that it's ridiculous.

- These referees' arms must be getting tired.

- At the 12:08 mark in the 4th quarter, we have had SIX penalties in just 3 plays.

- Make it seven penalties in 4 plays.

- More penalties! The referees actually sound exhausted right now.

- I have come to the conclusion that, if we take care of business, and the Jets play like this on Sunday, we will blow them out.

- The Jets really should have lost this game.

Note summary:

Fun fact! I almost named this section "I'M COMPLAINING ABOUT SOMETHING", until I started actually putting some miscellaneous thoughts in my notes that belonged here.

Results of The Eye Test:

Quarterback: Geno Smith has major footwork and accuracy issues, especially when pressured. His best pass is the deep ball.

Passing offense: The Jets pass offense looks poor outside of some big plays they get.

Running offense: The Jets run offense only looks good when the defense fails to tackle and contain.

Defense: The Jets' front seven is good, but their secondary is extremely mistake-prone.

Their Opponent: The Bills are a mirror image of the Jets, only without the good front seven.

Their Opponent's Quarterback: At this point, Geno Smith is better than EJ Manuel, but they are both pretty bad-looking.

Our Quarterback: Jake Locker is better than both of these quarterbacks at this point.

Penalties: The Jets make our frequent penalties look like nothing in comparison to theirs.

Injuries: The Jets seemed to get beat up quite a bit in this game, but nothing seemed serious on the field.

Wildcard: If we don't effectively defend the read-option and the wildcat, then we might end up losing badly.

Official Prediction:

These Jets barely beat the Buccaneers and the Bills, largely because of the other team's mishaps. They hung around with the Patriots largely due to the Patriots' mishaps, but their own mistakes cost them that game.

Our Titans dominated a bad Steelers team on the road that they normally struggle with, forced the Texans to beat them in overtime on a perfect throw and catch, and won late against a pretty good Chargers team despite the ungodly amounts of penalties and poor officiating.

I'm going to be calling this one a relatively easy win. I believe the Jets will hang around a bit, but the game will never really be in doubt.

Final Score: Titans 31, Jets 20

Thank you for reading this installment of 'The Eye Test'!