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Tennessee Titans News Links: Snap Improvements

Your daily source for Titans' linkage!

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Tennessee_titans_30x21Rob Turner is apparently bad at shotgun snaps. How does a professional center suck at snapping the ball? I mean seriously.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Titans Cap Guru has a podcast with Pauly K. Yes it's looking ahead, but it's interesting stuff.

Tennessee_titans_30x21QB Watch on Jake Locker, who if he has games like he did Sunday every week will be in the elite group of QBs and not the "potentially great" QB class.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Geno Smith says our defense is fast and physical. I hope they harass him to no end on Sunday. Make him make mistakes.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Mike Munchak talks about using Shonn Greene to get the Jet's secrets and also talks about Justin Hunter. Also is a Yankee fan. Lost a lot of respect for him there.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Speaking of Justin Hunter, Mike Keith says that his role will expand, but very slowly. He also talks about Kenny Britt, and this is exactly why I love Kenny.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Rex Ryan thinks the Titans are a different team than they were a year ago. So are the Jets.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Britt has fractured ribs. Hopefully when he heals he can become a weapon for this offense.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Titans turnaround goes beyond just the W's says the Tennessean.

Tennessee_titans_30x21PK goes in depth about some of the Titans' key topics. Including the feeling of insufficient respect on the Titans end.

Quote of the Day: "Old age is a shipwreck." - Charles de Gaulle

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