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A look ahead at the Titans 2013 remaining schedule

I thought this would be a good time to take a look at the rest of the year's upcoming games for the Tennessee Titans and see how different the schedule looks now that we are starting to formulate opinions on the teams in 2013, rather than treating them as clones of the year before. That said, here's how it looks for the Titans going forward.

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So to start us off, we host the Jets for our second home game of the year. This Jets team is far better than expected, led by rookie QB Geno Smith who has a hell of an arm but is prone to mistakes and turnovers in his young career. With a stout defense, the Jets will prove a tougher test than anticipated for the Titans, but they aren't the only team that has improved significantly this year. Titans win the turnover battle here, they should walk out with a W.


This one is a little more tricky. The Titans finish their home-stand against a talent-filled Chiefs roster that finally has some competent leadership in Andy Reid and co. Eric Berry is the best safety in the league, and is part of a defense that has led the team to a 3-0 start. They have yet to impress on offense however and have been reliant turnovers to get the job done. Can Locker and company pull what many will see as an upset here against an emerging Chiefs team?

At Seahawks

Let me begin on this match-up by saying that I am more confident that we can hang with the Seahawks. That said, we will have our hands full with this one in a game with no room for errors (and dumb penalties). I'm not expecting the Titans to win here to be honest, but it will be a good chance to see this young roster go against what should prove to be a premier team in the league going forward.


After faltering lately and being out-muscled by both the Colts and Seahawks, I am little more confident going into another home game against the 49ers. That said, they are still a very dangerous opponent and should not be underestimated. I feel like if they can get their offense back on track, they will get back to their winning ways. Let's hope that doesn't happen before we get a crack at them.

At Rams

Another Jeff Fisher revenge game. I hope the Titans bury the mustache in this one, and so far it looks like it might be easier going than previously thought. However; as we work down the schedule this year, the probability increases that the makeup and play of these teams will be significantly different when we play them to what they are now.


We have to win both games against this Jags team. The Titans simply cannot afford to botch another game against them when they have the talent to see them off for a sweep. I would argue that the team needs that sweep more than ever this year in what figures to be a tight three-horse race to the finish in the AFC South.


The Titans can't get caught up in the fact that they should have been 2-0 against this Colts team last year, and will be drowned in pro-Luck media reports and articles in the week heading up the game. They need to at least split a game with them, and I think, considering that the Colts have been very lopsided so far with a good win over the 49ers to couple with a beat-down at the hands of the Dolphins and a very narrow victory over a talent depleted Raiders squad, that the Titans are up to the task.

At Raiders

The Raiders have been better than anticipated in much the same way the Jets have. They have a cobbled-together defense that is actually not playing too badly (except they need to learn how to tackle Broncos apparently), and they have added a spark to the offense in Pryor. This won't be as easy as expected for the Titans, but at the same time there should be no excuse to lose this game either.

At Colts

See above ^^

At Broncos

I am pretty dead-certain that this Broncos team is the class of the league right now. They have an embarrassment of riches on offense, and Manning is dead on so far. This looks like the toughest game on the schedule, and though I hate to give the Broncos (or Manning) any unnecessary credit, I don't think it's close either.


The Cards are better than last year, but how difficult was that? They have some nice pieces there, but I feel like from the results so far this season, that the Cards are still a work in progress. Nothing against Palmer's play so far, but this team will need a promising young QB to build around going forward, and until they do, no amount of good defense will stop them from being anything more than mediocre.

At Jaguars

Again, see above ^^ (If we lose the earlier home game to this team, I will rage)


This is an interesting match-up to end the season. It's impossible to tell from this point, but the Texans don't look as dominant as the past few years. If this trend continues for them, it will be a tight race for the division up to the end, which would make this game all-important. On the flip side, if the Texans are resting after locking up the AFC South, this could be an easier game to win for the Titans, but also likely very important for a possible wild-card berth. After watching the first few games of the year, I would opt for the former as more likely.

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