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Could the Lions be talking to the Titans about a trade for Kenny Britt?

Nate Burleson is hurt. The Detroit Lions are looking for a receiver. Could Kenny Britt be on their short list?

Frederick Breedon

So Nate Burleson broke his arm last night trying to keep a pizza from falling in his car. Now the Lions are looking for a receiver. That, of course, has people everywhere talking about how the Titans should trade Kenny Britt to the Lions.

There is little doubt in my mind that Ruston Webster would be thrilled at this point to be able to get something for Kenny Britt, but that isn't really likely at this point.

Think about this- Anquan Boldin, who has been a really good receiver and has never been in trouble, was traded this offseason for a sixth round pick. Sixth round. What does that make Britt's value? As Kuharsky put it on his radio show, a 9th round pick. That sounds about right.

Like it or not, Britt isn't going anywhere this season unless he does something else really stupid and the Titans decide to just release him outright. Also, there could very likely come a time in this season that the Titans need Britt because of injury or something else. If they are going to let him go, they better get something of value for him. That just isn't very likely at this point.

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