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Titans vs Chargers position-by-position recap

How did the Titans grade out?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Moving to 2-1 is a great feat for Tennessee, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Find out where the Titans need to put in some work.

Quarterbacks: A

Not ultra efficient on the page, but on the field you would be hard-pressed to find a quarterback that has been more poised in a must-win situation than Jake Locker looked this week. After a tough loss it would have been easy to lay down and quit, but Locker refused and willed his team to a win.

Running backs: B

Any time the Titans average over four YPC it should be considered a good day. Not because that is a particularly high number, but because with the number of times that the Titans run the ball per game that really adds up. CJ looked like a running back that could get skinny and hit the hole, which is something we hadn't seen from him in a while. Oh yeah, and Battle was his usually "jackhammer" self.

Wide Receivers: B+

If the Titans had never thrown the ball to Kenny Britt this would be an "A". For the most part the wide receivers were great, there were big plays, great conversions, consistency, and Kenny Britt. If the Titans can find a way to keep those other guys on the field, it might earn them an "A" next week. *hint hint*

Tight Ends/Fullbacks: B+

Both positions blocked very well today, and a big day from Delanie Walker certainly didn't hurt things. If the Titans ever start using their play action bootleg plays these TEs would really have a chance to shine.

Offensive Line: A-

Two sacks aside, the Titans offensive line was a big part of the win today. Warmack and Stewart were especially effective at creating running lanes,and the offensive line as a whole did a good job protecting Locker. Every week this unit gets better, and if they can pick up blitzes like they did today then they will be one of the most improved units in the league.

Defensive Line: D

In a game where the Titans needed pressure from their front four, the defensive line really let the team down. Not only were they invisible as pass rushers, they also didn't do a great job against the run. Apposing running backs (especially Danny Woodhead) really gave the Titans fits, and almost iced the game.

Linebackers: B

Where the defensive line faltered, the linebackers shone. Moise Fokou (when healthy) did a great job taking down runners on first contact. Akeem Ayers had a sack today and looks like he is getting healthier. While I can't remember Zach Brown doing anything, as a cover-man he wasn't exposed by the Chargers TEs which is a big plus.

Defensive Backs: C

The defensive grades look bad, but it is hard to call a defense that holds the Chargers to 17 points "bad". However, not turning the ball over was a big negative against a team that threw the ball 24 times. Individually, Verner was exceptional again, McCourty had a good day, Pollard was good in run support, and Griffin did a good job keeping the top on the defense. However, as a group they were just average, and they deserve an average grade.