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Tennessee Titans: Forget Kenny Britt

Kenny Britt has gone backwards for the Tennessee Titans. Penalties and drops have become his calling card. It's time for the Titans to move on.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This was supposed to be the year for Kenny Britt. No more excuses, no more injuries, no more off the field distractions. It's a contract year for Britt, historically a time when players step up and show the world what they can do. This is the year where you make big money heading into free agency.

With the potential and flashes that Britt has shown in the past, combined with all of the above, this year was his chance to finally be worth the effort for the team and himself. After a number of miscues in the first two weeks, Britt took to Twitter about his being benched momentarily during the Texans game. He obviously feels he has done no wrong and being unfairly treated. Ruston Webster, Britt and the coaches all had a chat this week.

The coaching staff has remained committed to Britt and want him to be the player we all think he could be. They want him to dominate.

In an attempt to force feed Britt the ball, to get him going, to help him help the team, the first play from scrimmage in the game against the San Diego Chargers called Britt's number, only to have the ball bounce off those same numbers. A frustrated Britt returned to the huddle and two plays later jumped off sides just before the Chargers nose tackle did the same thing, forcing a 10 yard swing in field position and burying the Titans inside the 10.

Britt went on to finish the day with 2 dropped passes (not counting the one in the endzone where pass interference wasn't called) as well as 2 penalties. Zero catches.

As the game unfolded in the second half, Damien Williams took over for Kenny Britt and ran with Nate Washington and Kendall Wright. When one came of the field, they were often replaced with Michael Preston or Justin Hunter. On the final drive to win the game, Britt never saw the field.

Justin Hunter proved to be a quick study after not catching a would be touchdown early in the game. He didn't go up for the ball and let it come to him, allowing the defender to make the play (as well as another interference not called). He made up for it ten fold by making the game winning catch with only 15 seconds left on the clock and no timeouts.

With 8 catches out of 10 targets and racking up 131 yards, Nate Washington has undoubtedly proved himself as Locker's go to guy. His veteran savvy is constantly shown as he sits down in zones, works his way back to the quarterback and has shown sure hands to boot.

Kendall Wright plays harder than hard. Each time he gets the ball he fights and scraps for every yard as if it's fourth down and the sticks are five yards away. He's earning Locker's trust as well that Nate already has and is proving to be a valuable receiver.

Kenny Britt has the size and speed advantage over both Washington and Wright, but fails to exude any of the other's attributes.

I don't expect the Titans to trade Britt for a bag of chips or a late round pick He's still more valuable as depth on your roster for the season should the team sustain injuries. Who knows, maybe being buried on the depth chart is what it will take for Britt to get his head on straight.

Instead, the Titans and fans should count whatever contributions they get from Kenny Britt as gravy. Much of the off season talk was about Justin Hunter being Kenny Britt's replacement for when he moves on from the team. I would argue you can't replace what you don't have to begin with.