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Titans vs Chargers: Stock up/Stock Down

Who helped their cause this week, and who hurt their stock.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Down

Kenny Britt

Many fans are calling for Kenny Britt's pink slip after a game where Britt was targeted five times for zero catches. I think all Titans fans know that those numbers are unacceptable. The Titans honestly need to figure out if there is any reason to continue starting Britt instead of younger, more consistent players like Damian Williams or Justin Hunter.

Jurrell Casey

I am a big Casey fan, but maybe it is time to back up from those Geno Atkins comparisons. Casey is very good in one-on-one situations, but he isn't at that "elite" level. This is by no means me condemning Casey, but I think the Titans need to realize that for every game like he had against Pittsburgh, he will have two or three games like today.

Rob Bironas

For a long time the Titans could count on Bironas to deliver in big time situations, now they should be a little uneasy. Bironas has missed two kicks in two games, and they have both been in spots that would have changed the game. Bironas is still above average, but he might not be that elite kicker he has been in the past.

Stock Up

Jake Locker

Talk about stepping up when it mattered. Aside from five drops from Kenny Britt, Locker had a 74% completion rate, 367 total yards and two TDs. Locker may have finally showed the NFL that he is ready to be a long-term starter in Tennessee.

Nate Washington

Washington and Locker have absolutely started gelling. Locker targeted Washington for nearly a third or his pass attempts, and Washington rewarded him for it. At the end of the game Washington had eight receptions for 131 yards. If the Titans can keep having an effective run game mixed in with a receiving threat like this, the league needs to watch out.

Chris Johnson

Johnson looked good today, but not in the way you would expect. Johnson didn't streak down the field for a big play, but he consistently got chunks of yards on the ground. He didn't look for the big play, he kept his feet churning and hit the hole well all day.