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Titans vs Chargers who is primed to preform on D

Which defenders should have success against the high-powered Chargers O?

Bob Levey

Don't kid yourself Titans fans, this isn't going to be an easy matchup for Tennessee. For as good as the Tennessee defense has looked, this will be the first time they have matched up with a "high-flying" offense this year. So, who should have a good day?

Alterraun Verner CB

Not to beat a dead horse, but how impressive is it that ATV is the #1 CB on PFF? Talk about a guy that has dealt with pressure, there were people saying that he should even start for the Titans in the preseason and now look at him. Knowing that, it is hard to say that he won't have a big day today. ATV is tied for the league lead in INTs and with the constant pressure Rivers is sure to be under, you can bet he will throw up some "50/50" balls. Without an elite WR the Titans will probably play more man-coverage and Verner wouldn't have it any other way.

Derrick Morgan DE

Morgan hasn't had a flashy year, but he has been everything Titans fans thought he would be. He has two sacks in as many games, and he has been crucial as a run-stopper. This week the Titans face a pair of subpar OTs, and if he gets the green light to pin his ears back then watch out.

Zach Brown OLB

Zach Brown is a superstar, the world just doesn't know yet. Brown had a decent day in coverage last week, but he was relegated to doing that because the Titans wanted to limit the effectiveness of PA boots (which they did). This week, the Titans should bring Brown on more blitzes and with that closing speed he is going to get some QB hits if not sacks.

*Bonus: Watch out for anyone blitzing through the RG/RT B-gap. RG Jeromey Clary has looked bad this season, and RT D.J. Fluker is out with a concussion. There will probably be some confusion and a lack of "gelling" between the two offensive lineman and it could be a game changer.