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Titans vs Chargers: Who is primed to perform on O

Which offensive players could shine this week.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Titans have been less than impressive on offense recently, but they have had some good individual performances each week. So, who do I think can have a big day?

Nate Washington WR

Washington is Locker's go-to-guy and this week the pocket around Locker should be a lot more comfortable, giving him more time to throw. Washington has had some great sideline catches this year, but it might be time to send the veteran deep. If the Titans can force the Chargers into a eight-man box then Washington and Locker should be able to abuse this set of corners.

Andy Levitre, Rob Turner, and Chance Warmack G/C/G

-10. That is the score that PFF gives the interior line combination for the Chargers. That makes them one of the worst combinations in the league through the first two weeks, and the Tennessee combo is near the top (especially if you exclude Turner who has had some rough games). That interior line combo should wreak havoc, especial when the guards pull because Freeney is known to get particularly deep in his pass rush making him a prime candidate for a blow-up block.

Collin Mooney FB

That's right, Collin Mooney should have a breakout day. You have read about his blocking ability either here or on PFF, and there is no reason why it should be an issue today. What makes this week a breakout week for Mooney is that the Titans didn't have Shonn Greene all week, so they may have some goal line or short down packages where Mooney is the runner. I'm not saying the Titans should take reps away from Battle, but if he is fatigued or if they need a change-up look for Mooney.