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Concussions changing the face of Titans vs Chargers

Both sides have been effected by injuries, especially concussions.

Bob Levey

The Titans face the Chargers in week three of the season, but both sides may already be afflicted by injury.

Tennessee may be without Kendall Wright who has been experiencing concussion-like symptoms. Even though he is expected to play, he did miss out on two days of practice. Why is missing two days important? Well, those are considered instillation days which means the team is making their weekly adjustments. If Kendall hasn't been able to absorb the new adjustments it could mess up his rhythm with Jake Locker.

The Chargers could also be missing a key cog in their offense if offensive tackle D.J. Fluker is injured. Fluker, a rookie from Alabama, is a great run blocker and his flaws in pass protection haven't been as egregious as many thought. If the Chargers don't have him, then Phillip Rivers could have someone in his lap all day long considering how bad that offensive line is AND how good the Titans defense has been.

At the end of the day this may just be a case of two players getting rushed back from injuries. They could both preform at a high level, but they could also be at risk for further injury. One concussion is bad, but getting multiple concussions in back-to-back weeks can really affect a player's career and life. Keep this in mind when the inactives come around on Sunday, because if either one of these players are out it could change the course of the game.