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Week 3: Predictions From The Contributors and TNTitan09

Week: Predictions From The Contributors

Not sure which one is the better dancer....
Not sure which one is the better dancer....
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3: Home at last. The Titans come back to Nashville for three straight at LP and I for one couldn't be happier. Hopefully it will be a raucous crowd this week so we can get that first ever Titans W against the Chargers.

TNTitan09 is our guest this week:

TNTitan09 (1-1)

The Tennessee Titans are coming off a 'could have won' loss to the Houston Texans, while the Chargers are coming across the country to a matchup they have dominated for well over a decade. Two decades if you count the Houston Oiler days. That's right, it has been over 20 years since this franchise has won a game vs the San Diego Chargers.

20 years of abuse, 20 years of losing, 20 years of being the Chargers little…. you get the picture. This Sunday will be different though, look for the Titans to come out swinging and take their revenge. Munchak will be fired up like we have never seen before, and he will have his team ready to play. The Titans will learn from last weeks loss and change their philosophy from 'Hold on, we can win it' to 'Lets dominate them, and once we have dominated them, lets humiliate them, and once we have humiliated them, let ****in bury them'

Titans annihilate the Chargers

Titans 47 - Chargers 17

Tuna (2-0)

The Titans finally break the Jeff Fisher curse of the Chargers in this one.

Titans 23 - Chargers 17

GMoney (2-0)

Nothing like a home tilt against the worst defense in the league to get your offense right. I am hoping for a blowout. Let's get it!

Titans 30 - Chargers 16

CanaDan (2-0)

The Chargers have played two very good games to start the season. Mike McCoy has Phillip Rivers and the whole offense playing better right now. Their weakness at the moment is on the defensive side of the ball. Can Jake Locker exploit that weakness? I definitely think so. The bigger question is whether the Titans staff finally lets their third-year QB throw more. Put me down as skeptical on that one, and for that reason this game is going to be very, very close. Teams that want to compete for a playoff spot have to beat the teams they're supposed to beat. It's the home opener, the team has some positive momentum early in the year…you just have to win this game or major questions will be raised.

Titans 24 - Chargers 20

Sharona (2-0)

The 1-1 Titans face the 2-0 San Diego Chargers in their home opener Sunday. The Chargers have started out the season on a high note but the Titans have proven they are not to be taken lightly. Publicly Titans players have committed themselves to defending their house this year after last year's disappointing play in front of the home crowd. The Titans must pressure Rivers who historically hasn't played that well when under pressure. Antonio Gates didn't play last year against the Titans but tight end Dante Rosario caught 3 (!!) touchdown passes. The Titans have to do a better job covering the tight end and the short middle which is an area they they continue to struggle. The Chargers have long been the Titans Achilles heel. The Chargers have never lost to the Titans in Tennessee, winning by scores of 13-7 in 1998, 23-17 in overtime in 2007, and 42-17 in 2009. This year the Titans get that monkey off their back with a big win before the home crowd.

Titans 24 - Chargers 17

Xanpham (1-0)

Following a bitter OT loss, the Titans come out swinging against a porous San Diego secondary and an innefective front seven. Brown records a big sack-fumble and Verner gets INT number 3 on the year. Jake Locker and CJ have big days and Walker notches another TD. Phillip Rivers starts out strong early, tossing a TD to Gates, but falters down the stretch, relenting to huge pressure from the Titan's pass rush. I say they walk away with 4 sacks and a couple of turnovers.

Titans 24 - Chargers 13

SuperBiceps (0-2)

I'll keep it short. I like the matchup. The MO of the Titans is to filter everything through the run game. San Diego has been average against the run and horrible against the pass. The Titans establish the run early, which opens things up for Jake.

Titans 24 - Chargers 16

Looks like it's unanimous...we're gonna win!

You guys didn't do so well last week. Only 15% of the votes were for the correct choice. So the community is (1-1).


D. Reese is late to the party once more (0-1)

I as well will be keeping this short and sweet. Right to the point: I love the way we match up against the Chargers. Establishing the run should be no problem, if we can do it against two stout defenses like Pittsburgh and Houston, we can do it against a team that has been very "meh" in that area. I think Jake could have his best day yet for many of the same reasons. The Chargers secondary has been picked on all year long and if his protection holds up and he gets into a rhythm, the Titans have a chance to put up some crooked numbers. The absence of DJ Fluker on the line should open things up for a nice day for the pass rush.

Titans 28 - Chargers 10