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LeSean McCoy injured in another sloppy Thursday night game

It is exciting to have an NFL game every Thursday night, but it seems to be hurting the quality of play.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I love the NFL as much as anyone, and I think it would be awesome if there was a game every night of the week, but these Thursday night games have been terrible.  Tonight LeSean McCoy was injured in the game for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Reports are that he is getting x-rays in the locker room.  An extended absence from him could spell disaster for the Eagles (and a lot of people's fantasy football seasons).

Did the short turnaround have anything to do with Shady McCoy's injury?  Maybe not, but it sure seems like the Sunday to Thursday turnaround is just too much for these teams.  The game between the Jets and Patriots last week was nothing short of horrific.  This game so far tonight has followed suit.

It might be time for the NFL to re-evaluate the every Thursday night thing.  It is hurting the product.  Sorry, just something I was thinking about as I was watching this game.

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