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Kenny Britt needs to shut up and play football

Kenny Britt sent an ill-advised tweet on Tuesday. He had a chance to back down from it on Wednesday but did not. What is next for Britt?

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Jamie Sabau

Kenny Britt, of course, was the subject of most of the questions yesterday following yesterday's practice. That is what happens when you care more about yourself than you do the team. Britt said after practice yesterday that he isn't selfish, according to Jim Wyatt, but his actions this week speak otherwise.

Here is the full quote from Wyatt's article:

"I am not a selfish person, and I really don’t care about getting the ball or anything like that," Britt said. "It’s just a point of them saying they took me out because of (blocking). Were they wrong for benching me? I believe so. And I believe the excuse they gave was wrong because at that point in time when they did bench me it had nothing to do with me having mistakes. "… I saw what happened with Cook last year, and them saying he wasn’t getting the ball because he was making mistakes. I don’t think that was the case last year, and I don’t think that’s the case with me this year."

If you weren't selfish, Kenny, you would have said that I will give my best effort in the game against the Chargers to make sure there isn't any question about my effort.

But that isn't what you said, Kenny. Why? Because you are selfish. You only care about making sure that everyone knows you think the coaching staff was wrong for putting you on the bench. Why are you even bringing Jared Cook up at this point? He isn't a part of this team.

But here's the thing, Kenny- being selfish is OK if it is combined with the awareness that putting up huge numbers will help you get paid by someone else. Unfortunately, you aren't smart enough to see that. You continue to make dumb decisions on and off the field. That is why you haven't lived up to your potential here, and that is why it sure looks like you won't ever live up to your potential anywhere.

So my advice to you, Kenny, is to shut up and play football. Go out there and "make it a great year" like you said in your tweet. That is going to be good for the team because they will finally get some production out of you, and it will be good for you because some other franchise will pay you a lot of money to play for them next year.

Thanks for your time, Kenny.

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