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Kendall Wright injury update; suffered possible concussion on Kareem Jackson's dirty hit

Kendall Wright was nearly decapitated on a dirty, illegal hit by Kareem Jackson in Houston. Now he might have a concussion.

Scott Halleran

After practice today it was reported that Kendall Wright missed practice with a headache.  Of course that headache could also be called "concussion like symptoms" and is a direct result of the illegal hit Kareem Jackson put on him Sunday.  NFL teams don't mess around with concussions anymore, so he will have to pass a series of tests before he is allowed to play on Sunday.

The most frustrating part about his is Jackson only received a fine for hit- and it was the same fine that Bernard Pollard received for a legal hit.  The NFL has proven that they want to make it clear that they act like they care about player safety, but in the end it is just lip service.

If they wanted to stop dirty hits like Jackson's they would sit players down the next week after they do it.

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