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MCM Radio: Talking Titans Coming Home with Mike Keith

The Aftermath from Houston becomes the primer for the home opener tonight at 9:00 CDT.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Mike Meith, voice of the Titans and official friend of the show, will join us at 9:30!

With Britt acting like a petulant child, fans not hesitating to round house kick the panic button and Shonn Greene going under the knife, the only tough part of tonight's show might be getting a good preview of the Chargers game in before the show runs out! But, not matter how tall the order, you can count on your tireless MCM Radio crew to pull it off in grand fashion.

Starting tonight at 9:00 CDT, we'll record another live episode of MCM Radio covering anything and everything that has to do with our boys in two-toned blue.

You can listen in live and join the chat by clicking here. If you can't make the live show, you can always download the show as a podcast via iTunes minutes after the show ends, or you can stream it live on the BTR page.

As always, I'll also post a recap article with the live streaming app tomorrow morning here on MCM. We highly encourage you to catch the stream or the podcast version each week to get our exclusive post-show segment that continues after the live feed ends.

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