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Tennessee Titans: Where's the Tight Ends?

The Tennessee Titans have yet to utilize their tight ends for mismatches, at least to any large degree. Is this going to change?

Scott Halleran

There was a lot of chatter during the off season about how much the Titans were going to use their tight ends. After losing Jared Cook to free agency the Titans were quick to sign San Fransisco 49er Delanie Walker. The selling point was that Delanie was going to be the bell cow, the main man, a focal point of the offense.

Delanie Walker has 4 receptions through 2 games.

While Delanie may get a pass as he missed camp and all of the preseason games while recovering from surgery, what about the others?

Craig Stevens has never been known for his speed, but rather his blocking abilities in line. He can be sneaky good down the field however and has great hands. The Taylor Thompson project is entering its third year and I myself may or may not have written about him being my dark horse candidate for this offense while Delanie was inactive during the preseason.

Neither Thompson nor Stevens even have a target so far.

The NFL is often called a copy cat league, and teams have been scrambling to find the next Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates, etc. The mismatches these tight ends can create wreak havoc on defenses and give quarterbacks big targets with sure hands while also contributing in the run game.

In the coming weeks it will be interesting to see if the Titans attempt to utilize their tight ends as more than just blockers. As of yet, it would be hard to utilize them less.