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Tennessee Titans: Silver Lining Week 2

The Tennessee Titans suffered defeat in overtime against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Now it's time turn that frown upside down and focus on the good. Karma baby!

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Yes the Titans could have won. Yes they should have won. But beyond the penalties, the overthrows and backwards drives, let's take a look at what really matters. The big picture.

The "big picture" is the recipient of this weeks Silver Lining post as that's all that really matters in the grand scheme. That's what fans have to look at to move on. Remember your expectations entering the season? Do you remember what this team was like last year?

The Titans of '12 would have folded after the Texans first drive for a score. The defense would never have solidified and continued to get gashed all day. A combination of Gregg Williams influence, Bernard Pollard's mouth, and improved play at every position, have this defense firing on all cylinders.

While the defense was expected to be the problem for the Titans, it has proven itself to this point to at least be formidable. The offense has shown signs of life (and death) and I expect things to gel moving forward. Loggains is is still adapting to the flow of the game, and will hopefully utilize more variety going forward in the play calling.

The best news...the Colt's lost to Miami. The division is definitely winnable, and I see no reason the Titans shouldn't be able to at least contend for a wild card.

The Titans escaped very tough back to back road games to open the season with a 1-1 record. While it looks like the Steelers may be down this year, the Texans are assuredly not. The Titans now return to Tennessee for a three game home stand against AFC teams. While the Chargers and Cheifs both look better than expected, these next three conference games are winnable. I can only hope LP field is as loud as it's ever been this Sunday, making the defense even better.

Overall, the Titans are sitting in a a much better position than anyone could have dreamed before the season. ANY fan would have taken a win against the Steelers and overtime loss against the Texans. The Titans beat a team they should have, and stood toe to toe against a superior team in the league. Exactly what we wanted.

Other Happy Thoughts

- Alterraun Verner is still the #1 ranked corner in the LEAGUE after 2 weeks as per PFF.

- Walker and Locker are beginning to look a little more comfortable together. I expect that relationship to continue to blossom.

- Locker has yet to throw a pick or turn the ball over through two games against top five defenses.

- The Titans did a good job creating depth this off season that they've already had to call upon. Collin Mooney has filled in nicely for Quinn Johnson, and while Jackie Battle isn't Shonn Greene, he isn't Jamie Harper either.

- This team has shown great resiliency through two games and plays hard for each other and the coaches. A very good sign.