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Titans fans, slow down on the Locker hate.

This is my pro-Locker plea.

Scott Halleran

Titans fans,I know after two games with limited offensive output, some of you are already evaluating the Titans options. Before you call of the beginning of the Ryan Fitzpatrick era, here are a few things to consider.

Style of offense

The plan this offseason was to build the Titans into a run first team, and that is what they have done. According to ESPN the Titans are in an even 60-40 run-pass ratio. The Titans shouldn't NEED Locker to have big numbers to win games, granted he should make more throws under pressure. This is just Locker's second week in the Loggains offensive system, and he is developing. Locker has thrown very well on the sidelines against tight coverage including both TD passes vs the Texans.

Consider the competition

The Titans record may be 1-1, but they beat a 6-time Super Bowl defensive coordinator (Dick Lebeau) with Locker under center. Not only did they win, but Locker made key plays on third downs to keep drives going. Also, they took the defending #3 seed in the AFC to overtime, in large part because Locker finished with two TD passes.


The Titans have yet to have a turnover on offense, and are only one of two teams in the NFL that can say that. That sort of safe play nearly took the Titans to 2-0. Aside from the Kansas City, the Titans are the NFL's model of efficiency. Another important stat is that Locker has made some nice throws on third down. I don't have the exact figure in front of me, but he has moved the chains when called upon many times, and likely would have sealed the game vs the Texans if Kendall Wright had caught that on the screen.

Also, let me say this Locker may have rushed the throw on the crucial 3rd down target to Britt, but Britt's route running and focus have been suspect early in the season. I expect him to produce better as the Titans are working the kinks out on offense, but he isn't blameless and neither are any of the Titans WRs. According to PFF, Locker is 2nd in the league in %YIA (percentage of passing yards in the air) . That inverse of that stat is yards after catch, which means that the Titans WRs have the second worst YAC in the league. So for as much talk as there is against Locker, his WRs aren't doing him any favors.