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Titans vs. Texans running back success rate

There was a lot of running into a wall for the Titans running game in Houston yesterday. How successful was the Titans' running game?

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at the success rate (as defined by Football Outsiders) for the running backs gives us better insight on how they did on each individual carry than just looking at the end of game stats. So what defines a successful run? I am so glad you asked:

  • On first down, the runner must gain 40%+ of the yardage necessary to reach a first down.
  • On second downs, the runner must gain 60%+ of the remaining yardage necessary for a first down.
  • On third and fourth downs, the runner must gain 100%+ of the remaining yardage necessary for a first down.
  • Let's look at Chris Johnson's carries:
    So Chris Johnson has been 9 for 25 from a success perspective in each of the first two games. It would be nice to see him get a little bit better than that.
    Jackie Battle had a rough day as well:
    For a team that is built around an offensive line, they are going to have to do better than that in the future.

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