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Titans vs Texans: Stock up/Stock down

Which Titans were effected in the loss vs the Texans.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans came up just short in an overtime loss to the Texans. So, whose fault was it?

Stock Down

Kenny Britt

-Aside from a late game surge when the Titans had the momentum, Britt put the Titans in a bad spot today. Whether he was dropping passes or getting flags the former star WR has fallen from grace in my eyes. If the Titans really want to use three WRs then they need to consider benching Britt and using Justin Hunter or Michael Preston.

Rob Turner

Turner's penalties really hurt the Titans and there were a few times he was just overmatched. He isn't a bad player, but he is the weak link on the Titans OL.

Stock Up

Kendal Wright

Wright often found himself in the spotlight on third downs and he was generally solid. Despite a few drops, he showed the "wiggle" the Titans thought he had when they drafted him.

Chance Warmack

Don't be confused, Warmack was very good against the Texans. J.J. Watt's only productive one-on-one play against Warmack was a product of an illegal use of hands. As a pulling blocker Warmack paved the way for many outside runs and looked improved in pass protection.

Gregg Williams/Jerry Gray

Whoever the Titans call their DC, that guy has been making some great calls. If the defense wasn't out on the field for 293804 plays (my approximation) then there is a strong chance that they only allow 14 points. Dialing up effective blitzes while still maintaining good coverage is hard to do, but for the most part the Titans DCs did it. They showed they could play with the big boys today.