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Titans O vs Texans D: Matchups to watch

Where can the Titans attack the Texans?


Despite being stout defensively, the Chargers showed the league that you can attack Houston. Here are the matchups I think the Titans can exploit.

Chance Warmack, Rob Turner and Andy Levitre vs the middle of the Texans defense.

The interior of the Titans offensive line did a good job blocking up the interior against the Steelers. Despite the Steelers sending multiple blitzers and using exotic rushes, the Titans did a good job making sure the holes were there when they needed them. The Texans interior defense has historically been the worst part of that defense. If the Titans can dominate that part of the field early that will open up room for the cutbacks and play actions.

Nate Washington and Damian Williams/Justin Hunter vs the Texan safeties.

Houston's corners are still above average, but their safeties are not up to snuff. Swearinger looks for the big hit too often and whiffs on his assignments. Ed Reed is injured, old and has never been a great run stopper. Daniel Manning and Shiloh Keo are the current starters and are nothing to write home about. Whichever WRs start for the Titans should have a speed advantage and if the Titans can force the Texans to commit to the run, then the pass should be wide open.

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