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Tennessee Titans' Collin Mooney a Secret Superstar

The Titans' Collin Mooney has been named one of Pro Football Focus' "Secret Superstars". I was personally all for Quinn Johnson at the start of the season, but I may have to change my tune.

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Will Collin Mooney be leading the way for Chris Johnson all season?
Will Collin Mooney be leading the way for Chris Johnson all season?
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

While many don't think a fullback should even be on the roster at all, the Titans have insisted on keeping one regardless. Quinn Johnson has taken over the lead blocking duties for Ahmad Hall over the past year and a half and has proven to be a reliable cog in the run game, as well as sneaky good coming out of the backfield as a receiver.

I have to admit I was fond of Hall, and thought he would retake his job in 2012 which ended up not being the case. As reluctant as I was for the Titans to keep Johnson, I have been pleasantly surprised with his play. Much in the same way, I believed Quinn Johnson should keep the job this year over challenger Collin Mooney.

Quinn Johnson did win the off season battle for the position, but an injury late in camp has opened the door for a changing of the guard. Young Army fullback Collin Mooney was activated off the practice squad and saw his first action against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday. Mooney apparently did just fine.

While perusing the PFF website, I came across this article naming Collin Mooney one of week one's "secret superstars".

...he looks to be a key cog in a Titans running game that was revamped this offseason.

...(Mooney) didn’t have a negatively graded block all game.

It looks like Mooney has started off well, and may not relinquish his hold on the position. If he's in rhythm with the running backs then I don't see any reason to mess with what's working.

Now if only he can show good hands sneaking out of the backfield on a wheel route...