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Week 2: Predictions From The Contributors and jerlindsey

Week 2: Predictions From The Contributors

Active this week? Yes please.
Active this week? Yes please.

PFTC week 2. Most everyone was right last week....but no one picked the exact score. Let's see if the same holds true against the Texans. jerlindsey does his thing (with no pictures!!!):

jerlindsey (1-0)

Another week, and another game for the Titans to prove to all the haters that they are here to play. It may be the homer in me, but I'm giving the Titans the win this week. It is going to be tough to march into Houston and "dethrone" the "best team evar!!!!!11111" but I think my boys will get the job done. We are extremely underestimated, and I think if our defense shows up like they did last week, then it will be one to remember. Schaub is going to have a hard time doing much against us after Jurrell "War Machine" Casey reads him a goodnight story, and tucks him in for the night. The defense is playing like they have something to prove, and this week I believe they will show just how big of a chip they have on their shoulders. Lets not count out our offense either. That O-line is nasty, and should give that defensive fronts some fits. JJ Watt will become JJ "What happened?" when they shut him down. All of this to say, (in a kid friendly's lookin at you bvkv09!), TUCK THE FEXANS!!!!!

Titans 21- Texans 17

Danooooooooooooooomite (1-0)

Tennessee will silence critics this weekend. A contest that quickly turns into a bloodbath will produce more than a few injuries and lots of yellow laundry.

The Titans are more physical and nastier than ever. This weekend they show kid brother who's boss.

Titans 23 - Texans 17

Jommy (1-0)

The Titans had a very nice win in week 1. It was good to see the defense play as well as they did, but the Texans are a much better team. The Titans are improved, but they are still not ready to take down the defending AFC South Champs at their place.

Texans 27 - Titans 17

Rob Greenlawesome (1-0)

Titans come off of a week 1 win against Pittsburgh amped as well as a little bit offended. The national media didn't give them much credit for wrecking the Steelers in their own home. This Sunday will change things. Titans go into Houston, and stun the Texans. Locker connects on a couple of deep balls, and our defensive front wrecks havoc on the Houston O line. Casey gets another sack, as does Morgan and Brown. Titans come out on top in a fairly close one

Titans 24 - Texans 20

CanaDan (1-0)

The Texans have been the class of the division the past two years and once again look the part. They're well-coached and have tremendous roster depth. There is no doubt they are a stronger foe than the Steelers so this will be a huge litmus test for the Titans. If Mike Munchak's crew has any intention of making the playoffs and/or challenging for the division crown, they'll need to win their divisional games. Can they start off with a win in Houston? I remain skeptical. The Texans are just at a different level than us right now. Jake Locker will get a few more highlights this week, but in the end I think Houston's defense shuts down the run game while their offense starts to find a few holes in Jerry Gray's defense.

Texans 30 - Titans 20

G (1-0)

I really really really really really really really really really want the Titans to win this game.

That being said, I just can't see it happening. The Texans are the best team in the AFC South until they are not. If this was in Nashville, I would feel good about predicting a W. On the road, well, I hope I am wrong.

Texans 24 - Titans 20

Gunns (1-0)

The Chargers/Texans game on Monday night couldn't have gone worse for the Titans. Not only did the Texans win, but they showed incredible resolve with a fourth quarter comeback. They have swagger and momentum leading into week two that could match that of the Titans. Will the Titans be able to play the game they want to play? Will they have to unleash the Locker? Either way I'm calling it close but no cigar this week. I'm going for the reverse jinx.

Texans 20 - Titans 17

Sharona classin' up the joint (1-0)

The Titans travel to Reliant Stadium for the first of two matchups with AFC South rival the Houston Texans. The Titans defense had a statement game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 but can they stop the Texans offense which features Andre Johnson, Deandre Hopkins, Arian Foster and two good tight ends in Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham? The Titans pass defense looked good against the Steelers but this week will be a big test and it will be interesting to see if the Titans continue to play Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner in press/man coverage.

Perhaps more importantly, how well will the Titans defense do against the tight end in this game? Daniels and Graham combined for 3 touchdowns against the Chargers. With Akeem Ayers still limited, safety play is going to be extremely important and I suspect we may see George Wilson play a bit more this game. Wilson played 3 snaps on defense in Sunday's win over the Steelers.

The Titans offense must continue to run the ball and win the time of possession battle. The Texans defense got off to a slow start and let the Chargers offense get off to a fast start Monday Night. The Chargers put up 80 yards rushing on 20 carries for a 4.0 YPC against the Texans. The Titans offensive line is superior and they have better running backs which suggests the Titans should top those numbers. Jake Locker is almost certain to throw more than 20 times in this game but he doesn't need to *win* the game just continue to move the chains. He has to make good decisions and continue to protect the football. Whoever wins the takeaway/giveaway battle likely wins this game.

Texans 24 - Titans 21

Super"LegDayHell!I'mWorkingTheGuns!"Horn (0-1)

I've watched both the Titans game and the Texans game from week 1. I came away with question marks for both, but the biggest takeaway was sloppy football from the Texans. We all know what that team is capable of. I just didn't see it last week. On the other hand, the Titans managed an ugly win on the backs of our defense. And, while the game didn't have a lot of flash, the coaching staff has basically said this week that the offense kept it close to the vest given the context of the game. Look for the Titans to open it up more offensively, but maintain strength on defense.

Titans 21 - Texans 13

That's 4 picks for the good guys against 5 picks for the other guys.

The community picked em right last week! 42% of the poll chose "Titans by 7 or less." That's 1-0 for you guys!