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Observations around the division: Week 1

What is going on in our neck of the woods?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Note: This post is a little late, but with the Texans not playing until Monday night it forced a later publication.


-Tennessee's defense was outstanding. The Titan essentially shut the Steelers down when they wanted to and how they wanted to.

-Jurrell Casey is getting some great publicity. Gregg Cosell related the standout DT to Bengals DT Geno Atkins. Atkins is widely considered to be the best pass rushing DT in all of football.

-Jackie Battle had a great day, but did you know that Shonn Greene was more productive? Green averaged 4.5 yards per carry, where Battle only managed 2.6.

-Even with OLB Akeem Ayers having a bad day, the Titans still had five sacks, two of which came from the linebackers.


-The Jaguars are the lowest scoring offense in the league with two points. Those points came off of a blocked punt for a safety.

-Highly touted rookie Luke Joeckel allowed four QB hurries in his opening debut. Not the performance that you would expect from the second overall pick.


-Scary day for Colts fans as their defense almost allowed the OAKLAND RAIDERS to beat them in their own house. Nevermind that they have a QB that put up near-perfect numbers, they still almost gave up a win.

-The offensive line allowed Luck to be sacked four times, and only managed one sack against possibly the worst pair of OTs in the league.

-The Colts showed their inability to cover mobile QBs, allowing Terrelle Pryor to attack them by air or ground. At the end of the day the Colts allowed Pryor to produce over 300 yards of offense.


-Officials have since come out and said that the penalty on the Chargers that essentially gave the Texans a TD should have been a non-call. This means that had the Chargers had a capable set of refs the Titans and Colts would be the only teams in the AFC South at 1-0.

-Longtime standout LT Duane Brown was absolutely decimated on Monday. An aging Dwight Freeney made Brown look like just some guy and provided the blueprint on exactly how to beat him.

-Speaking of blueprints, it is easy to see what the Texans want to do. Defensively they are going to blitz and try to force you to beat them with the pass. Offensively they are, well not great. As long as you can have a CB anywhere near Andre Johnson, and actually finish tackles on the RBs then the Texans are a VERY beatable team.