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Can the Tennessee Titans Keep Up?

The Houston Texans and the San Diego Chargers lit it up on Monday Night Football. The Tennessee Titans play these two teams in their next consecutive games. Will they be able to keep up if necessary?

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Earlier in the off season there were a handful of comparison's made to the Titans new offensive scheme and that of the Houston Texans. You can follow the coordinator tree which adds credibility to the concept. Dowell Loggains worked under Mike Hemeirdinger. Hemeirdinger and Gary Kubiak both worked under Mike Shanahan. Heimerdinger actually took over Kubiaks post as Assistant Head Coach for the Broncos when Kubiak took over the Houston Texans as head coach.

Thanks to an interview with ESPN's Paul Kuharsky, ex-Texan receiver Kevin Walter confirmed some of the theory.

"I know they're installing the same offense that I've been in the past seven years. It's a fun offense to be in. It's going to be a good transition, a smooth transition."

Kuharsky breaks down the similarities and differences he expects to see in this article.

The Texans finished 7th in yards and 8th in points last year. They won their division handily and got over their playoff hump with a wild card weekend win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Something Titan fans would be happy to trade for.

It all sounds good except for one knock. The inability to come from behind. Play action and simple routes based off a strong running game don't do much for a team that gets behind by multiple scores.

In the Texans loss to the Packers last year, they were down 14-0 before the end of the first quarter. They couldn't match Green Bay's big play ability and could never catch up. In their loss to the Patriots, they were down 21-0 at the half and once again were unable to come back from that deficit.

The Texans proved on Monday Night Football that this is no longer the case with their team. They rallied from a 28-7 deficit in the 3rd quarter to come back and win with a last second field goal 31-28.

The Titans opened the season against the Steelers and played everything close to the vest. I don't for a second believe this is all the Titans have or are able to do, but rather chose this approach based on their opponent. The Titans were either down by 2 points or played with the lead the entire game with the Steelers, and never had a need to do more.

It will be interesting to see what they can do if they need to play catch up. They may have to open things up a bit more in order to keep up with the Texans as well as the Chargers in the following weeks.