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Titans Defense: Brutal, Vicious and Victorious.

After week 1 the Titans defense looks very different than last years squad. Will they actually get the respect they deserve? Or will the media still say it differently?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Nice too be back first and foremost, and now down to business.

After one of the most productive off-season's, the Titans came out and looked to make a statement in week 1. Now a lot of people are saying the Steelers lost to the Titans, and not the Titans beat the Steelers. Which as a Titans fan that first statement is infuriating. The only way the Steelers lost to the Titans is injuries, but even Steelers coach Mike Tomlin came out and said "it doesn't matter how many injuries happened, there is no excuse on how we played".

When the Steelers own coach comes out and says something like that, then I would think people in the national media could take a hint and realize the Titans beat the Steelers and not the other way around. Sadly most in the national media didn't look at it that way, a lot of the national media wants too see a game like San Fran and Green Bay or the Cowboys/Giants game. Lots of passing touchdowns and flashy offensive play. I'm not saying I don't mind the Titans winning that way, but they way the Titans won yesterday is just as impressive.

They beat the Steelers at their own game, in their stadium, and on opening day, which the Steelers haven't lost in 10 years. I'm sorry, but that is a big deal. Yeah people can say the defense is younger, free agency, and blame the injuries, but Big Ben is still there, Tomlin, is the coach, Lebeau is there and it's the Steelers.

What I mean by the Titans beating the Steelers at their own game is they controlled the clock and pushed the Steelers around. Now I know it's week one, but beating the Steelers in the fashion they beat them isn't a good thing, it's a great thing. The Titans haven't looked this dominate on defense since 2008, I mean they have had some great players, but nothing to the brutal force shown on Sunday.

Big Ben looked like he was in a car wreck after the game, Jurrell Casey looked unblock-able at times, Zach Brown looks like Keith Bulluck circa 2008, except he rushes the passer better, Jason McCourty made a statement looking like a shut-down DB, and yes Jerry Gray may be the defensive coordinator, but that defense had all the characteristics of a Gregg Williams led defense.

Week one is winding down and we as Titans fan's have needed something too cheer about. So enjoy this one definitely, but next Sunday it's a different team with higher stakes.