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Titans practice squad additions

The Titans have started announcing who will be on the 2013 practice squad.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With the cuts finally over, the Titans now have the opportunity to add some talented youngsters to the practice squad in the hopes that they will develop. Here is the list of players with a brief explanation on what the Titans FO might be thinking.

1. Rashad Ross WR. Ross made some nice plays in the last preseason game. Ross may be someone they think can contribute on special teams, or he may someone they think can develop as an underneath WR.

2. Stefan Charles DT. Tons of talent and potential in the Canadian prospect. He may just need some NFL experience under his belt before he makes the/a squad. Was a 1st rounder in the CFL.

3. Jonathan Willard LB. Hero makes the practice squad. Munch likes his character guys and having a LB on the practice squad is a great idea.

4. Collin Mooney FB. Honestly Mooney deserved to be on the 53 in my opinion. Mooney is a great blocker and he can knock some heads when he has the ball. IF and that is a big if, no team calls him up during the regular season then the Titans have two quality FBs to help on all those counter/power plays that have been so successful.

5. Khalid Wooten CB. I didn't see anything special about Wooten, but he was the team's 6th round draft pick this year, so it makes sense that they want to keep him close. He got some looks as a return man, and the team could want him around so that they can bring him up in case they sustain injuries at the position.

*New* 6. Rusty Smith QB. Smith is a decent quarterback that seems to fit in well with the Titans coaching staff. The fans love him (whether ironically or honestly) and everyone expected him back with the organization.

*Update* Jake Doyle has been claimed by the Colts.

*Update* Scott Solomon has been claimed by the Jets

More additions to come, and I will be updating every time I get new info.