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Washington Redskins 22 Tennessee Titans 21 quick recap

The Titans first preseason game is in the books. Here are few observations.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Here are my bullet point thoughts on the night:

  • The running game is back.  Chris Johnson broke Baccari Rambo's ankles (see below) after the line gave him a lot of room to run, and Shonn Greene was very effective.  It might be too early to declare the return of Smash and Dash, but I am declaring the return of Smash and Dash.
  • I hate to say this, but the defense looked exactly like it did last year.
  • Speaking of things that look exactly like last year, Tommie Campbell still isn't an NFL quality cornerback.  It might be time to give up on that experiment.  Maybe they should work him at free safety some in practice instead of Alterraun Verner.
  • Jake Locker was "Charlie Checkdown" in this one, but that is not uncommon for preseason games.  He ended the night 7-11 for 58 yards but should have been 8-11 because Kendall Wright had a bad drop.
  • If the Titans are going to run more press-man they are waiting until the regular season to show it.
  • Jackie Battle is a battering ram.  Is there a place for him on this roster?
  • The passing game didn't look great tonight.  Hopefully that will change as the preseason continues.
  • RUUUUUSTTTTTYYYY!!!!111 just couldn't quite make it happen.
  • Good to hear them call Tigg Willard's name in the game tonight.  Still a long shot to make the roster, but I will never get tired of hearing that story.
Chris Johnson had some trouble making guys miss in the open field last year.  It doesn't look like that will be a problem this year.  The move you see right there is one that he used often in his first two years, and it is the same one that sent Michael Griffin flying in practice earlier than camp.  What really made it possible was the offensive line blowing the Redskins' defensive line off the ball.