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Tennessee Titans Preseason: Don't Go Overboard

The Titans finally play their first preseason game tonight. With all the anticipation, let's make sure not to overreact.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long arduous summer for NFL fans around the world.  The fans of the Tennessee Titans have had an especially busy off season seeing their front office become more aggressive in free agency than they have in years.

Whether you've been reading articles, listening to podcasts, or even the local radio, EVERYONE is waiting to see what Jake Locker will do with his first live snaps of the season against another team.  The team has done everything they can to surround him with a solid line, effective run game, and talent at the receiver position.  Head coach Mike Munchak has hitched his wagon to the inconsistent yet high ceiling quarterback, and the fans are yearning for a face of the franchise they can rally behind for years.

The pressure that has been building for months is almost palpable as we count the hours until the Titans kick off tonight.  That said, I have a word of caution for all.

Don't Go Overboard

This is meant regardless of how the first team plays tonight.

Locker should get 20-25 snaps on offense tonight depending on how the game goes.  If he ends up 6-12 with a pick and no touchdowns, everyone will be up in arms flooding radio shows about how they knew he couldn't make it in the NFL.  He's too inaccurate, etc.  Grab your life preservers and abandon ship.

On the other hand let's say the offense comes out hot with good field position.  The first scripted plays work wonderfully and Locker goes 10-12 with a touchdown in his short duty.  His backers and fans will be ready to crown him the savior of the franchise.

Let's keep it all in check.  We all want to see the Titans go out and play well as too much time and effort has been spent in trying to improve this team to see them come out mediocre or worse.  It is just the preseason however, and the first game at that.  The Titans don't play the Steelers for another month and teams can go any direction between now and then.

So whatever happens tonight, let's all try and not go overboard.

(Of course if everyone does this, there will be nothing to write about for the next week.  I for one will probably not take my own advice.)