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What to look for in Titans vs Redskins: Defense

Which things matter in a game that...doesn't matter.


We all know that win-lose numbers in preseason are useless, however as the NFL Network promos continue to tell fans, there are some relevant things to watch for in these games. So, which things should you focus on since the points and outcome doesn't really matter.

Sammie Hill and Jurrell Casey v.s. Will Montgomery, Kory Lichtensteiger, and Chris Chester.

Jurrell Casey is a battle-proven defensive tackle that has always been a handful for opposing offensive lineman to handle. Luckily, he know has a partner to help him push the pocket from the A-gap.

Sammie Lee Hill is a career backup, but he has clear starter potential. Hill's quick feet, wide frame, and intensity should prepare him well for his matchup against the tough tandem of Montgomer, Lichtensteiger and Chris Chester.

These three interior linemen work well together, but the weak point is easily left guard Kory Lichtensteiger. Whichever defensive tackle lines up opposite the left guard needs to win consistently to prevent the Redskins from running the ball down the throat of the Titans.

Titans linebackers v.s. Alfred Morris

This is should be one of the more telling matchups throughout the preseason. The Titans have to face Alfred Morris, Gio Bernard, Steven Jackson, and Adrian Peterson in preseason, that is a tough slate. Akeem Ayers, Zach Brown and Colin McCarthy need to have a more downhill mentality this year and that means that they can't be afraid to stick their (collective) nose in the run game.

With McCarthy and Zaviar Gooden out, it is up to other linebackers like Moise Fokou, Scott Solomon and Tim Shaw to help the defense. If the Titans can put together a strong showing despite injuries, it would go a long way towards reassuring the fans that the Titans LB depth is good enough.

Alterraun Verner v.s. anyone he goes against.

The Redskins have a fairly deep and talented group of wide receivers that should provide steady competition for the Titans defensive backs all game long. However, Alterraun Verner is under the microscope and he will likely see the most snaps of any defensive back (probably with his time split between FS and CB) so his performance is most important.

There are really three scenarios that could take place for Verner. If Verner shows up big at free safety then the Titans may feel more comfortable about the depth they have in that group. If Verner shows up well at safety, it creates more wrinkles for defensive coaches like Jerry Gray and Gregg Williams. Finally, if Verner doesn't show up at either spot it isn't the end of the road for him, but if will really hurt his chances of being a regular season starter.

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