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What to look for in Titans vs Redskins: Offense

Which things matter in a game that...doesn't matter.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that win-lose numbers in preseason are useless, however as the NFL Network promos continue to tell fans, there are some relevant things to watch for in these games. So, which things should you focus on since the points and outcome doesn't really matter.

RG Chance Warmack, LG Andy Levitre (and whoever plays center) v.s. Barry Cofield

The name may not ring a bell for fans not familiar of his work in the NFC East, but Cofield is a very talented nose tackle. I have a lot of faith in Levitre's ability to handle interior pass rushers of this quality, but how will the other two fair?

Warmack's hands deal blows comparable to sledgehammer swings, but his footwork has been sloppy and this will be a tough matchup. In the running game I think it will be a blowout in favor of Warmack, but this will be the perfect challenge for a talented rookie against an experienced veteran.

As for the center position, I think both Turner and Velasco have played better against more talented opposition but it isn't a layup either. If the both Titan centers can show that they are rust free then this job could be very close to a two-man race.

Young Titan WRs vs a young Redskins defensive backfield

The most interesting matchup will be Justin Hunter versus David Amerson. In college, the two met in the first game of the last season and the Tennessee WR group...well lets just say "dominated" would be putting it mildly. This could be just the confidence builder that Hunter needs. After a tough camp with WR coach Shawn Jefferson constantly on his back, a sharp performance could show him that he is on the right path.

Another interesting wrinkle is how Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter will deal with a talented combination of rookie safeties in Baccarri Rambo and Phillip Thomas. The two receivers will be contending against safeties that they have no film on, and they need to expect a tough competition or they could be in for a surprise.

Jackie Battle and Shonn Greene v.s. the redzone defense

The Titans should get a fair amount of shots in the redzone, the question is, who will close the deal. Shonn Greene has a lot to prove after getting a large contract, and he has to be motivated to produce and prove that he is worth that money.

Battle on the other hand has bounced from team to team despite his productivity, and should be eager just to earn a roster spot. Last year, nearly one out of every four touches was a first down including four touchdowns despite only playing 165 snaps. If the Titans get a chance to look at him extensively against Washington's second stringers, then he may earn himself a spot on next week's gameplan.

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