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Why Jackie Battle is bad news for Jalen Parmele, Marc Mariani.

Why the Titans signing of Jackie Battle could predict a couple of cuts.

Andy Lyons

I may be in the minority, but I watched a lot of Jackie Battle over the last two years. Battle has proven to be a hard nosed runner that could be a cheap third-string short yardage back if anything happens to Shonn Greene.

However, as much as I like the pickup it may mean that two likable bubble players are on the chopping block.

Jalen Parmele

Parmele was added for depth and competition purposes when OTAs started getting close, however there have been very few reports on him doing anything to separate himself from the pack. I was a fan of the Parmele signing because of how effective he was against the Tennessee defense when the Jaguars played Tennessee, but if he doesn't distinguish him self soon he is going to miss the cut.

Marc Mariani

The Mariani cut won't be specifically because of the Battle signing, but follow my logic. If Battle wins the number three job, the Titans aren't going to cut the most successful return man since Pac Man Jones because he can't play running back. So, the Titans move Darius Reynaud to fifth or sixth WR and first string KR/PR. This move pushes Mariani to an even more expendable position, and unless he has a great preseason at WR, then this likely means that this is the last season that Mariani is in two-toned blue.

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