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NFL roster cuts: Titans release Rusty Smith, Doyle, Shaw, and Mooney.

The Titans cut a three-year veteran QB, a promising TE and some players we didn't see coming.

Hannah Foslien

Saturday the Titans announced that they would be cutting third-year QB Rusty Smith.

Smith, a fan favorite, accrued 278 yards, two TDs and a completion percentage of 61.5% this preseason. The former FAU quarterback is still eligible for practice squad and the Titans have always liked having him around in the past. If I were a betting man I would say that as soon as he clears waivers the Titans will ink him to a PS deal.

Jack Doyle was also cut, and I was more than a little surprised. The Titans new offense is predicated on "Big" formations which almost always include two TEs. Doyle looked like he could develop into a prime "move TE" meaning that he could be used in a variety of ways. While the Titans may want him on the practice squad, I wouldn't call it a sure thing. The TE hungry Patriots seem a little depleted in that area and if push comes to shove Doyle may want to go to a team with Tom Brady at QB rather than the team that just cut him.

Tim Shaw was another late addition to the cut list. Shaw a long-time ST player looked very passable as a LB in his time during the Atlanta game, and the fact that the Titans are thin at LB only furthers my confusion. This leaves the Titans defense and special team's a little weaker, and I would expect that GM Ruston Webster made such an odd move for a reason. I just don't know what that reason is.

Finally, FB Collin Mooney was cut today as well. While I wasn't shocked by this move, he was a very good blocker in the preseason and probably deserves to be the fourth RB/FB/ST rather than Quinn Johnson. Mooney is expected to be added to practice squad again this year, and next year I expect him to win the job.