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Grading every player in the Titans scrimmage pt. 2

Here is what I saw from my seat at LP field.


Here are my grades for the Titans performers in alphabetical. Anyone not on this list either didn't practice, or I didn't notice them during the game. It should be noted that from it was hard to get a detailed look at the OL, so I didn't grade any of them individually. As a whole they graded out between the B-B+ range.

#25 RB/KR Darius Reynaud- B+: Reynaud was smooth as a PR/KR and has done enough at RB to warrant a spot this year.

#28 RB Chris Johnson- B+: CJ was only in for a handful of plays, but he did run for a legitimate 10 yard misdirection on one of those. Johnson is a home-run threat whose value is hard to measure when he doesn't get significant carries.

#29 CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson- C+: B-dub had an alright day including one break-up on Justin Hunter, but other than that he was quiet and didn't excel versus weaker competition.

#30 CB Jason McCourty- B: McCourty was abused in the two-minute drill and failed to make any significant impact. He also didn't allow any big plays and preformed as you would expect.

#31 S Bernard Pollard- B+: It started off shaky with a missed swat attempt that lead to a 30-yard reception, however he really finished strong. In a real game he would have flashed much more.

#33 S Michael Griffin- C: Nothing exceptional, no big plays allowed or made.

#37 CB Tommie Campbell- C: I expected Tommie Campbell to look like a playmaker, however he didn't take any risks and didn't earn any points with me today.

#42 FB Collin Mooney- B+: Mooney wasn't great, but the Quinn Johnson/Collin Mooney package intrigues me. As a runner he has potential to be what the Titans are looking for in a short yardage back.

#45 FB Quinn Johnson- C+: Q didn't get a lot of looks as a target, but he still will provide value as a blocker and ST player.

#46 TE Jack Doyle- A: I really think Doyle should make the team. He is a solid target who doesn't drop anything, and who you can trust when you need a conversion.

#56 OLB/DE Akeem Ayers- B+: Ayers was active as a pass rusher and even had a near pick. While he didn't look great at any one thing, he looked serviceable at both jobs.

#83 WR Marc Mariani- A: Talk about a fan favorite, when Mariani caught a pass or returned a punt the crowd went wild. Speaking of catching passes he did that, a lot. Mariani was more active than I have ever seen him and looked better than any previous performance. This Mariani could actually make the team.

#84 TE Taylor Thompson- A+: Thompson is night and day better than he was a year ago. The TE is finally figuring out how to run routes and (more importantly) catch the ball. If he can preform in games like he did today, and combine his blue-collar blocking ability then he could be a serious threat in this league.

#85 WR Nate Washington- B+: Nate had some nice catches including back-to-back comeback routes in two-minute for a combined 30-40 yards. He looks like he will be battling Kendall for the title of Jake's "go-to-guy".

#88 TE Craig Stevens- B-: Stevens didn't look as sharp blocking as he normally does, and I can't remember any plays that stick out in my head other than one combo block with Stewart to bury Morgan.

#90 LB Scott Solomon- C+: Solomon was more active than I expected him to be, and if the Titans want an extra defender on the line of scrimmage (in short down and distances) he could be a good player to consider.

#91 DE Derrick Morgan- A++: Morgan was absolutely dominant. The former first-round pick was unblockable as a pass rusher and a tough-nosed defender in the running game. I counted three sacks and likely a FF, not to mention even more pressures. This Derrick Morgan would have 10+ sacks and would earn national attention.

#92 DE Ropati Pitoitua- C: For as much offseason publicity as Ropati has gotten, I didn't see anything that impressed me today. He is a huge player that will be difficult to move in the run game, but I would like to see more production in the passing game.

#97 DE/DT Karl Klug- B: Klug was exactly who we thought he was, a good pressure player. Klug was good at getting in the backfield and might have gotten a sack if today was a real game.

#99 DT Jurrell Casey- B+: The only pure DT on this list, the only reason I saw Casey was on the replay of a flagged play out of the endzone. Holding from Chance Warmack would have been called in a real game, or Casey would have gotten a sack, either way that play was a safety.