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Cornerbacks attest to Titans draft prowess

Titans have found steals on day three of the draft.


For years Titans fans have been talking about the draft steals they have gotten on day three of the NFL draft, and they are absolutely correct.

Marc Mariani was a top-ten return man when healthy, and is in the mix for one of the sub-reciever jobs. While injuries cloud Mariani's future, no one can take away his Pro Bowl season and he has far exceeded expectations for a seventh round pick.

Again, another injury-prone player who has shown up big in tough spots is Colin McCarthy. McCarthy has proven that when he is healthy, he is a force to be reckoned with, and behind a mammoth defensive line the sky is the limit for him in terms of production.

Karl Klug is a fan favorite that has made the most of this time on the field. After amassing more than 10 sacks in the past two years, Klug continues to make a strong case to a nickel DT whenever possible.

Coty Sensabaugh has his doubters, but going back to the final games of last season the former Clemson Tiger has had some very impressive performances against divisional opponents. If the Titans have found a guy to compete with the slot WRs in the NFL, then the Titans stole him in round four.

Even though all of these players present great value, Tommie Campbell and Jason McCourty have to be the best value that the Titans have gotten in recent memory.

Between the two potential starting corners, they have an average draft position of 227. That means that the Titans essentially got two starting corners at a seventh round value. Most teams don't even retain their seventh round picks, much less find starting quality players at an important position.

So, if there was any doubt in your mind that the Titans weren't maxamizing their draft picks, put them to bed.

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