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Titans vs. Vikings preseason 2013: What to watch

The fourth preseason game can be the most brutal exercise of the NFL season. Here are some things to watch during tonight's game.

Grant Halverson

The Titans wrap up the preseason tonight in Minnesota.  Mike Munchak said the starters will play about the same amount that they did in the preseason opener, but my guess is that they don't play more than a couple of series.  If you see Jake Locker and the first team offense come out and have a solid first drive, that will probably be the end of their collective night.

I am really excited to watch Brian Schwenke tonight.  Munchak said the other day that he will get extensive playing time in this one.  He isn't going to be the starter when the season opens, but he will push Rob Turner every single day in practice.  That will make both of them better.

Tommie Campbell is also expected to get extensive playing time in this one.  Can he do anything to prove that he deserves to start for this team?  If there was ever a quarterback combination to prove that against, it would be Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel.

This could also be Rusty Smith's last stand.  He is going to get a lot of time out there tonight, and you know he isn't going down without slinging the ball around one last time.