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Tennessee Titans News Links: Mike's Wish

Your daily serving of Titans' news links!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Preston wants to make the final cut this year. And I can't overstate how much I want him to make it. If he gets cut by us, there is no way that he makes it through waivers.

Another guy who is going to be on the bubble is Marc Mariani, who Dowell Loggains said would make it if he had his way.

Ruston Webster talks about the cuts that happened and that are forthcoming. Cuts are the worst things in this sport, or in any sport at any level. I don't envy them whatsoever.

When you have success in the run game, it's going to enable you to have a lot of success on play-action fakes. Or at least that's the word on the street.

Tommie Cambell and ATV both as starters? This could be a Michael Scott-esque "Win-Win-Win" situation.

Finally, here's the link to PK's gigantic chat and poll results.

Quote of the Day: "Conscience is a man's compass" -Vincent Van Gogh

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