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Titans roster battles: On rotating Alterraun Verner and Tommie Campbell

More on the confusing "battle" between Alterraun Verner and Tommie Campbell.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This feels like the 45th post I have written on this issue, but I still just don't understand it.  Alterraun Verner has his shortcomings, you saw it Saturday night when he gave up the long pass to Julio Jones, but overall he is a solid player.  Tommie Campbell has shown nothing- literally nothing- that tells me he can be successful in this league.

That is what makes this statement from Jerry Gray yesterday so confusing:

"Come Pittsburgh week, we know we have to make a decision," Gray said. "But we’re going to look at Pittsburgh’s roster and see which guy fits that week, and we may end up using both guys during the course of the season because one guy is stronger in one area, and the other guy is stronger in the other. (via Kuharsky)

Jerry, let me go ahead and tell you- Pittsburgh has receivers on their roster. That makes ATV the better fit because, you know, he can actually cover a receiver. You are welcome for the free advice (and thanks for reading MCM).

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