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Fantasy football rankings 2013: Top 25 quarterbacks

Which fantasy quarterbacks should you be looking at this year? I'm here to answer your fantasy questions.

Aaron Rodgers warms up at Lambeau Field
Aaron Rodgers warms up at Lambeau Field
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

1. Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

You could interchange Rodgers and Brees here and be spot on but I chose Rodgers because I like his offensive weapons more. While the Packers will be more balanced don't buy that Rodgers won't throw for a ton of yards. The Packers quarterback is in the prime of his quarterback life and shows no sign of slowing down. Besides, between he and Brees you have to pick the dude with the porn stache.

2. Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

Breesus has looked good in the preseason and should be in line for another great year. He threw for 5117 yards and 43 touchdowns in 2012 though he did add 19 interceptions. He has publicly said ball security will be a focus this year so expect that number to drop.

3. Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos

The old man still has it and the addition of Wes Welker in my opinion should help his numbers this year. Arm strength was an issue last year as he was still recovering from his latest neck surgery. The word is that his strength has returned so expect him to put up typically good numbers in the Broncos offense.

4. Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons

Matty Ice is looking nice and should be a top 5 quarterback this year assuming Roddy White is healthy for the season. He put up 32 touchdowns in his breakout 2012 campaign.

5. Tom Brady - New England Patriots

The "injury" scare notwithstanding, Brady is still a top 5 quarterback though his receiving options are definitely limited. Still, it's never really stopped Brady in the past as he makes guys like David Givens look good.

6. Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers

The Panthers offense has looked atrocious in the preseason but Newton is a dual threat quarterback who still should be a viable fantasy option even if the running game still struggles. Last year he put up 4610 all purpose yards with 27 touchdowns despite a slow start. Those numbers should easily be duplicated this year as Newton enters that all important third year.

7. Robert Griffin III

Injury history is a concern and he may not start the year as the Redskins may choose to be patient but he is both a passing and running threat and put up 4000 all purpose yards last year with 27 touchdowns. The injury situationbears watching but RG3 should be a good fantasy quarterback this year.

8. Matt Stafford - Detroit Lions

Stafford threw for a ton of yards last year but only put up 20 touchdowns. He did add 4 rushing touchdowns but the redzone has been an area of concern. Megatron is still Megatron though and the addition of Reggie Bush could help there and hopefully Brandon Pettigrew will remember he has hands. His outlook for this year should be better.

9. Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts

While Andrew Luck is a good quarterback to lead your team I'm not convinced he is going to be a top quarterback for fantasy purposes. He only threw for 18 touchdowns last year though he added 4 more rushing. The tight end position was supposed to be a strength but is now dealing with injuries too. Still, he is better than most options.

10. Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks

Like a few quarterbacks on my list, Wilson is a dual threat who can pass the ball well and run when the situation calls for it. Wilson put up 3607 dual purpose yards last season with 30 touchdowns. The injury Percy Harvin hurts but Golden Tate came on toward the end of the season.

11. Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco Forty Niners

Kaepernick's numbers from 2012 are interesting to ponder. In 13 games, he put up 2229 all purpose yards with 15 touchdowns. While he only threw 3 interceptions, he had 9 fumbles and took 16 sacks. The loss of his favorite target in Michael Crabtree is of concern although I did like the Anquan Bolin pickup and think rookie Quinton Patton could be a steal.

12. Eli Manning - New York Giants

Manning hasn't had the best of preseasons but again preseason. Also, Manning didn't have the best of performances in 2012 either. Some think he is due for a rebound year and while I'm not so sure he is better than the rest of the quarterbacks on my list.

13. Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys

I put Romo here because I didn't want to give Andy Dalton the dreaded curse of the 13. Romo is the quarterback you will get at a bargain and he will produce enough for you to keep him on the roster until that one game where you need a decent performance and he goes all Romo, leaving you crying in the car when you lose by a point because he fumbled, threw an interception or took a sack.

14. Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals

Dalton is surrounded by talent this year and simply must produce. He has been just okay this preseason despite the additional talent. Chicks dig the long ball and that's not his best move despite A.J. Green. Still, Dalton threw for 3669 yards and 27 touchdowns while rushing for 4 in 2012.

15. Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens

Flacco won the Superbowl in 2012 and got a nice fat contract in the offseason but he doesn't get a ton of love from fantasy players. Still, the SB winning QB threw for 3817 yards in 2012 but only racked up 22 touchdowns plus he did throw 10 interceptions. The loss of Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta hurts and there is doubt that others will step up to replace the loss.

16. Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers

The player formerly known as Big Ben hasn't experienced the best of preseasons either and losing Le'Veon Bell was a big blow to that offense. Still, he  isn't the worst option and you know he is going to play unless he absolutely can't so he is generally a good solid choice.

17. Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams

Like Andy Dalton, the Rams spent the offseason upgrading the talent around the guy they want to step up and become their franchise quarterback. Bradford threw for 3702 yards and 21 touchdowns with 13 interceptions in 2012. Bradford has said he is much more comfortable this year since he is 2 years into the same offensive system.

18. Matt Shaub - Houston Texans

I like Matt Shaub better than some and the addition of Deandre Hopkins can't be discounted. Shaub threw for 4008 yards in 2012 with 22 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

19. Jay Cutler - Chicago Bears

Cutler has a big arm but a bonehead which is why he doens't get a higher ranking from me. He is easily the guy you think should put up big numbers but generally disappoints. At least this year you don't have to worry whether his offensive coordinator will clock him one. Or his offensive line either.

20. Carson Palmer - Arizona Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald weeps tears of joy with the arrival of Palmer which tells you everything you need to know about the Cardinals recent quarterback situation. I feel like this is low but I also couldn't bring myself to rank Palmer over those higher on the list.

21. Ryan Tannehill - Miami Dolphins

Inconsistency is thy name Tannehill. The Dolphins quarterback has a ton of fans in the media but cannot be counted on as a viable fantasy option at this point.

22. E. J. Manuel - Buffalo Bills

Before his knee injury, Bills rookie quarterback would be ranked higher but obviously that is a situation to watch and there is concern it could set him back a bit. Still, the rookie is going to be the guy this year and should be back under huddle by game 3 at the latest based on what we are hearing right now.

23. Alex Smith - Kansas City Chiefs

Smith is another guy I feel is too low. You could rank him with Jay Cutler and I wouldn't blink. Over the course of his career Smith has suffered what Bradford eluded to and that is lack of a consistent offensive system. I have lost count how many new coordinators he has had in his career. Smith struggled in the preseason against his former team the Forty Niners. His last full season starting there was 2011 and he put up 3144 passing yards with 17 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He added 179 yards and 2 touchdowns rushing.

24. Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles

Vick has been named the starter but has he ever played a full season? Not in the past 4 seasons he hasn't and that is something you have to consider. Additionally, Vick has been inconsistent as well you would like to think he could be a good dual quarterback threat but it's hard to rely on him right now.

25. Josh Freeman - Tampa Bay Bucaneers

Freeman is under pressure in Tampa and has struggled this preseason while being outplayed by rookie Mike Glennon. Freeman set franchise records in Tampa last year but is in the last year of his contract. While he threw for 4065 yards and 27 touchdowns in 2012, he also threw 17 interceptions. Yikes.