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Observations around the division: preseason week 3

What we learned from week three of the preseason.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports


-The majority of my thoughts can be found here.


-The Colts and Andrew Luck are going to be a force offensively unless someone can find a way to disrupt his rhythm with Reggie Wayne.

-Anthony Castonzo has a sprained knee ligament. The starting left tackle looked to be their best offensive lineman, and this sort of disruption in protection isn't good for the Colts.


-The Texans defense looked impressive, but Jonathan Joseph looks much more beatable than he has over the last few years. If he is truly declining he then the Texans will need another huge year from Watt considering the aged defensive backfield.

-A.J. Johnson looks good, but I wouldn't get too excited. Those saying he looks young again need to go back and watch every WR that faced the Saints defense, they made everyone look like All-Stars.


-Chad Henne is the best QB in that town, but it looks like he won't get his chance.

-The Jags have invest heavily in DL over the last few years, but it doesn't seem to change anything. It looks like the Jags will still have to rely on manufacturing pressure with blitzes.